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Andrei Kashkin Interview

Name Andrei Kashkin
Age N/A
Born Ukraine
Email xmyth1@gmail.com

Please, tell us something about yourself?

My name is Andrei Kashkin. I was born in 1988 in Kharkov (Ukraine) where I live at present. Now I am studying in Kharkov national university of radio electronics. When I was in primary school I was inquisitive and watched Discovery Channel and "special behind the walls"(about film's special effects). I dreamt that once I will do that. This TV programs takes influence to design and art, and finally I'm engaged in the favorite job now.

How did you get started at 3d computer graphics?

About 3ds max I have heard for the first time in 2004 when my friend has asked me to make a subtitle to the home video. Then I knew that this program have practically boundless possibilities for design and it use for creation of game models. Then I began self-studying of this 3d package. More seriously I began to engage 3d graphics in the end of 2006 when has made the first commercial project.

Where do you work now?

I'm freelancer because the basic time goes on studying at university. I worked over architectural visualisation, webdesign, creation models for real-time applications. With increase in experience I try to take more serious and interesting projects.

In your opinion, what are your strong points?

I like to texture and set up a light and I think this is my strong points. But the most important thing for me is to get idea and mood of work to the spectator, using all skills in aggregate.

Where do you get ideas? Which artists inspire you?

Ideas come from a daily life. When you look at usual things on the other hand when you feel something new in your life or to be in unfamiliar place, can come inspiration which gives a push for new works. I like art of Marek Denko and Alexander Melentiev.

Tell us a little about "Lonely Driver".

'Lonely driver' is my personal project which I did, studying new 3d software. Also one of the conditions was to make a scene which it is possible to animate. Therefore the rain, fog and car completely correspond to all requirements.

What inspired you for this scene?

On creation of this work I was inspired by the movie Hitcher (2007), first of all its atmosphere. And the idea turned in my mind for a long time. When I searched references I felt this spirit even more.

As we can see from the reference photos you provided, this scene was inspired by some real world location. Where is it located? How close is the look of your scene to the real location?

I wished to make the American prairie with an old gas station. Huge open spaces of desert very well underline loneliness of the driver, as defines mood as a whole.

How did you model the car?

The car has been worked in high details, because it is the center of composition. I did it in the pleasure, not regretting time. For me it was important to receive result.

Do you generally paint your textures from scratch or do you rely on texture libraries?

Usually I search photos in internet or in the stock collections and then to receive a quality texture always I spend serious work on processing of initial photos.

What did you use Vue for in this scene?

Vue was used for sky creation. At first I have set atmosphere parameters, and then rendered the sky in HDRI file. The grass on the distant plan has been painted in Vue too.

How did you achieve the realistic rain effect?

To understand what rain creation method is better, I studied a lot of rain references. I stopped in animated system of 3dmax's Particle Flow with Omni Deflector. Droplets was rendered as small spheres with motion blur.

What kind of lighting did you set up?

I used vray HDRI map as the basic source of illumination. VRay dome light has also been used for additional regulation of brightness and vray plane light in a building.

For this scene, you used the VRay renderer. Why?

In 95 % of cases I use vray renderer because it is possible quickly to create high quality shaders, also here there are sources of illumination which are not present in standard skyline render.

reference photos reference photos
reference photos wireframe/flat shading
alt. angle - wireframe/flat shading model wireframe/flat shading
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