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Can you HELP please let me know!

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Can you HELP please let me know! 
By CrazyFreddy on Jun 23, 2010 03:08 PM

I NEED HELP OPENING A LARGE ZTL FILE WITH SUBTOOLS!!! I need the file to be decimated but as close to the original as possible. Then exported (all subtools) as OBJS for print. I can offer a small fee for this service. If your interested I can send you a link to the file but please note, I need this ASAP, the deadline is ticking with every minute. I appreciate your help and thank you in advance. Please reply or email me. brianlife@brianlife.com

I have not desimated it, since it would crash my Mac everytime. At first I was asked by the printer to just send the ZTL file . Not desamated. After uploading it via wetransfer, he unfort could not open it. I was still finishing the base (brick wall with BTBD letters) and ZB would crash every 10-20 mins. Sometimes my subtool would not disappear. I even went thought the export tut, where you set it to size 1 -0,0,0. Still nothing, so I lost that file. Fortunately I made a copy every hour so, I could go back to my previous file...with crashing, I struggled to complete the model and dont you know it, right when I completed the model, my mac pro started to freeze. Froze the whole comp/mouse. This happened two times and then, when I went to restart all I got was a Gray screen with an Apple symbol! Now my msc won't respond and I can't get at the ZTL files.

I went through all trouble shooting. Still gray. Last resort was to bring my mac pro into a shop. I just dropped it off today, praying my hard drive is not toast! I don't know if it was ZB or because of the of the heat? or cuz I was working for hours (12) non stop for a few days like that.

So, since my Mac id dead and has the ZTL files on it im sorta screwed. Luckily I did upload one file- the file Im asking someone to help me open and decimate-or to hire someone to do this. This file is of a BBoy figure (breakdancer in a pose). It is a Zip fiel with the ZTL (with subtools) in it. . I uploaded via "wetransfer" so, I can send the link.

This has been horrible for me my client and the printer. I may miss the deadline to have this printed. ..This model was supposed to be the Trophy for a break dancing even tin Boston early July.

So, no I didn't desamate it. But, I can say that once I did trie and ZB crashed during the process. Have you ever heard of these issues? My mac pro stats are: 2.5 ghz. Quad core with 8GB ram...you can imagion how upseting this is. Any help?

The ZTL is a lil over 1gb . I can't be exact since my mac, I created it on has Died! I did upload it to "wetransfer". I created it on a mac, not sure if that matters- I hear sometimes ZTLs create on macs don't open on PCs? Is this true Pixo? I can pay you $100 but, it would have to be Done today (opened, seporated subtools possibly cut body at waist as two subtools. Then desimated as low, but close to orig as possible and exported as OBJ or STL. Then uploaded to printer or wetransfer link to dload. Please email me, I can send link, if you can do this today for $100.

Sorry for the TYPOS need this DONE now!


click for full-size image (1728 x 1872)

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