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Proclamation of the new Project Swiss Airforce

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Proclamation of the new Project Swiss Airforce 
By Maverick on May 28, 2007 12:27 PM
The establishment of this Project came out from the two members, Maverick and Tobis. The Project Swiss Airforce developer wants to provide whole Swiss Air Force for Flight simulator 2004 and FSX as well as missions and Scenery.

Today now admits given that now also an approach place for interested was created and homepage sammt forum for it was furnished.

In addition Project Swiss Airforce looks for for reinforcement at auxiliary workers with experience in Addons, textures, Scripts, audio, 3D-Obkjekte, diagrams or programming language (n) for the conversion.

Do you want to go through also in the Project Swiss Airforce? Then apply you nevertheless under maverick2@gmx.ch

The homepage in English follows.

Link: http://www.projectswissairforce.ch.vu/
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