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Disney's 'Planes' coasts on cliches

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Disney's 'Planes' coasts on cliches 
By earjerseyqq109 on Nov 20, 2013 02:27 AM
Disney's 'Planes' coasts on cliches

"Cars" (2006) is probably not on many people's favoritePixarmovie list, but it had a nostalgic charm, created some memorable vehicular characters, and kept the story's scope small and heartfelt.

"Cars 2" (2011) lost much of that charm black friday uggs outlet by giving the story Cyber Monday uggs an international setting, replacing real characters with cute accents.

Coached by a crusty World War II fighter plane (Stacy Keach), Dusty goes up against an international group of racing planes some friendlier than others to chase his dream.

As in "Cars 2," the international competitors are less characters than ethnic and/or gender stereotypes this time, in plane form. It's good for some easy laughs but doesn't do much for the story as a whole.

While the 3D effects and some of the flying sequences are impressive, parts of "Planes" have a directtovideo feel.

While brisk pacing is a Cyber Monday uggs sale good thing in an adventure, important emotional moments those that would have ugg boots Cyber Monday drawn the audience into the story feel rushed and muted. Key plot points are resolved in a blink, and the timing felt off on many jokes.

Still, there were some high points and genuine laughs.

Sharpeared parents, for instance, will recognize the nod to "Top Gun" with Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards voicing friendly fighter planes.

And although I can't attest to this personally, I've read black friday ugg boots outlet that the flying sequences and animated planes are technically accurate enough to delight plane buffs.

All in all, lessthanstellar Disney is still aboveaverage entertainment, and "Planes" undoubtedly will keep Cyber Monday ugg boots deals the Cyber Monday ugg boots little fliers amused even while their parents put their brains on autopilot.

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