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Cher wig authorization Woman's World music video

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Cher wig authorization Woman's World music video 
By acantha on Aug 26, 2013 02:55 AM
Cher wig authorization Woman's World music video

Legendary singer Cher premiere of her music video (Tuesday) as "Woman's World." Authorization holder, her many iconic rock wigs and a variety of shapes and folk dance for women.

Cher originally premiered her pulsating club track, "Woman's World", as early as November, but the song was finally released in June to iTunes. Facts prove that the 67 - year-old singer, she can still dance like a lady issuing authority currently dominated charts.
"Woman's World" music video is a lady thing. Cher Chaka Khan gives a new meaning: "I am every woman" When women from all backgrounds literally her to dance, whether it is a curve Y, the elderly or people with Down syndrome. "This is a woman of the world, / tell the truth!" She inclusive clips declaration. Her wig curly lace wigs points. Before Lady Gaga and Madonna, Cher is a created headlines, her outrageous fashion sense. "Woman's World" as a reminder of that with its many giants, including waste paper made out of. Six years in the music game and Cher is no indication that in this video slowing.

"Woman's World" is the lead single from Cher's new album, "closer to the truth," fell to 24 September.

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