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RAZR Hawk Driver's Features

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RAZR Hawk Driver's Features 
By DanielBush on Aug 23, 2013 07:57 AM
Callaway once again makes a giant leap forward with its Razr Hawk driver. The golf equipment for sale is made using Forged Composite technology, the result of a unique partnership between the research and development teams of Callaway and super car maker Lamborghini.

The Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver for sale is a top performance driver. For Callaway, the big story is about a new material they’re calling Forged Composite. This is a very light material that features in the sole and crown of the clubhead and because it weighs so little, Callaway engineers have been able to position the weight in more beneficial places, giving you more forgiveness. T

The revolutionary new material--used in the crown of the clubs--is one-third the density of titanium, yet features a greater load carrying capacity per unit mass in bending. This allows engineers to precisely control the thickness like never before, resulting in a clubhead that's lighter and stronger than Callaway X Hot Irons on the market. The extra-long club configuration also has an extremely high moment of inertia, helping it generate faster head speeds, higher ball speeds, and greater distance without compromising forgiveness. With the Razr Hawk driver, there are no tradeoffs.

The Razr Hawk offers several other advantages. The club's Hyperbolic Face technology, for instance, is the result of a chemical milling process that selectively removes excess material to precisely control the thickness across the face. This produces consistently high ball speeds and longer distances. The driver's aerodynamic head shape, meanwhile, features a streamlined, contoured surface that minimizes energy loss during the downswing.

By reducing drag by 43 percent compared to Callaway RAZR Fit Driver for sale, the club encourages higher impact speeds and added distance. Razr Hawk drivers also feature the Razr Weighting System, with draw and neutral configurations that allow golfers to choose the model that best works with their natural ball flight.

Finally, the Razr Hawk driver sports an Aldila RIP graphite shaft with optimized torque and flex characteristics. This creates better tip stability with great predictability, a smooth feel, and excellent control.
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