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Men and women of the different methods of care

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Men and women of the different methods of care 
By acantha on Aug 22, 2013 04:25 AM
Men and women of the different methods of care

How much hair thickness and are largely innate, but let the hair becomes healthier, they proceed from the fundamental ─ ─ scalp. Only when the hair follicle health can only give birth to strong hair, and extend the life of each hair, hair volume naturally increases. Now many men have hair loss problems, in fact, men's hair is not only a topic of concern, women's hair care issues are also increasing concern. Good head hairnet compiled some hair treatments, hair growth information, and so easy to everyone viewing.
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To deal with hair problems, mainly by the following method. The first is to try to beam short hair, long hair female bundle better look, but the small amount of hair, long hair bundles will be more highlight their shortcomings, tendencies Zhong love short hair (but I do not rule out the fickle one day to show people with long hair ). The second is to use the shampoo products from aspects, now use some cleaning of the scalp shampoo products (as previously introduced Tsubaki scalp conservation series), while the less smooth the hair shampoo products, because the hair is too smooth paste clothes, hair volume will seem less.
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Although men and women face hair loss problems for different reasons, some men because of male hormones affect hair loss, but in the end, if not choose to use oral medications to control hormone secretion, the main solutions are clear clogged pores of oil, keeping head skin fresh, clear away dead skin (dandruff) for the care of the ultimate goal.

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Re: Men and women of the different methods of care 
By shoesus9 on Aug 23, 2013 06:02 AM

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