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Tension in the Golf Swing

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Tension in the Golf Swing 
By breenda on Aug 22, 2013 02:23 AM

Itís often said that you shouldnít have any tension in your swing. This isnít true. You need tension; the thing you donít need is strength. Thereís a big difference between the two, and if you canít distinguish between them, it may be stopping you from reaching your potential.

Golf tension can be a destructive force in your golf swing with taylormade r11 driver. For an amateur golfer, one of the most difficult things to grasp is to have less tension when you are making your swing. So often you may be nervous about a particular shot or you are trying to hit the ball a long way. This can cause you to tense up and actually reduces the amount of stability and power you will have in your stroke.

Loosen your grip when you're nervous or facing a "big shot". We all tend to grip the club a little tighter when we're not sure of our swing with taylormade rocketballz fairway wood or are concerned about that water hazard or the beer cart girl watching. No one wants to make a big number or embarrass themselves. When you know you're in this situation make a conscious effort to grip the club a tad looser than normal. While you're at it make sure your forearms are loose as well. With a light grip and relaxed arms you can't help but bring the club back smoothly.

In order to reduce the amount of tension you have in your swing it is easier said than done to simply relax. Often you are apprehensive about the shot you are about to play and you body simply tenses up. What you need to do is blow small amounts of air out of your mouth and nose while you are making your swings with taylormade burner plus irons. Be sure to try this at the range first but once you get used to it, you can take it out on the course with you.

Have ONE swing thought in mind, whatever it is, and go with that. Limiting your swing thoughts will help stop you from getting paralyzed up there. Way too many golfers take way too much time over each shot as they literally go through a check list of all of their swing thoughts in their head. Don't do this! Pick one swing thought and go with that. Too many thoughts and you're bound to tighten up.
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Re: Tension in the Golf Swing 
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