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Top Performance Callaway RAZR Hawk driver

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Top Performance Callaway RAZR Hawk driver 
By DanielBush on May 09, 2013 09:16 AM
We all know that equipment manufacturers go to great lengths when developing their new drivers but when Callaway announced they had worked with supercar giants Lamborghini on the new Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver for sale we expected something pretty special.

The two R&D teams developed something called Forged Composite to replace Titianium in 67 per cent of the driver clubhead to make it lighter and stronger and it has gone down a storm in the hands of their Tour players.

For Callaway, the big story is about a new material they’re calling Forged Composite. This is a very light material that features in the sole and crown of the clubhead and because it weighs so little, Callaway engineers have been able to position the weight in more beneficial places, giving you more forgiveness.

The RAZR Hawk is also considerably more aerodynamic than the cheap Callaway Diablo forged irons. In fact, drag has been reduced by 43%, meaning more clubhead speed and more distance.
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