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Age of Wushu Gold along with 
By asdfeer1 on May 09, 2013 08:18 AM

There are actually 5 distinct pools of Experience and it’s definitely confusing which Experience goes into which pools. I really wouldn’t be concerned about it. VIP players have their Experience and Age of wushu gold ding evenly fill out every single in the pools. The pools establish how rapidly XP is turned into cultivation. You’ll get among 1~3 Experience just for playing the game and also you possess a likelihood to get one Experience when you die. Most other tasks grant among 1 and 5 Experience and also you can obtain upwards to 160 Experience by way of a Spy Mission. Oh, the potential point? Properly 30% goes there and you can obtain it back with gold or get VIP, which avoids the course of action. So as an example, the level five pool will convert at 140 cultivation points per one hundred seconds as opposed to 200. So when you get Experience you are able to’t use it, you have to cultivate it into cultivation points.

This procedure is carried out automatically although logged in and moreover offline for VIP players. The course of action is basic, each XP pool cultivates at a set rate, listed above. Each and every pool is filled from several items; VIP players fill the exp pools evenly. Cultivation points can then be spent for 3 different modes of Cultivation. Internal Cultivation ?C Any time you’re on the web (or offline for VIP) you'll slowly cultivate a talent and improve its effectiveness. Practice Martial Arts ?C You can buy age of wushu gold ding and invest funds to invest Cultivation Points on a skill (particularly Silver). There is certainly a random limit towards the amount you can do every day.

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