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Aman Race In Tera

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Aman Race In Tera 
By leecarl595 on Apr 08, 2013 07:29 AM
Aman Race In Tera

Still holding the enemy beating heart in hand, I feel this is victory - the all-conquering Aman. In TERA, what can make the enemy feel fear, it is Aman. Aman has a tough skin and strong build muscle, heroic character, justice, militant. Northern homes to commemorate them from a life of slavery in the rescue of the God of War the Cares, Aman establish a named Kaiyaduole city.

When play Tera with your Tera Gold for Sale, it is important for Tera Players to choose the most suitable career, and the following can be the Aman Racial Skills:

1, reversed fighter: increase the probability of knockdown and stiff resistance by 70% for 30 seconds (if you take cheap tera gold to play it).

2, the descendants of Leonardo da Vinci: When own HP is lower than 30%, be attacked by the 10% reduction in damage.

3, strong: Continuing Damage Resistance increased by 10 with Tera Gold.

4 mineral experts: the mineral acquisition speed increase.

Game makers bestowed Aman ugly appearance, but also gives racial powerful natural skills, if you buy tera gold to play the game, you can know that Tera Gold Online.

Increase knockdown and stiff resistance probability is 70% for 30 seconds. Guards, the skills are absolutely important in PVP and PVE skills. It can be said that is not charged in PVP, PVE better output hatred. Plus on HP is less than 30% of the 10% reduction in injury and sustained damage resistance.

In TERA, I individual recommend the most important gun Knight, followed by 3 melee Berserker, Slayer and sword fighter.
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