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PING Putter Has A Pretty Sleek Looking Mallet

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PING Putter Has A Pretty Sleek Looking Mallet 
By tongjame on Feb 15, 2013 07:36 AM
Putter artisans like Scotty Cameron and Bob Bettinardi took putter making to another level by milling putter heads out of a single block of metal. The results were putters visually more refined and precise and with a more solid feel. Nearly a decade after this innovation, Ping has decided to join in. Here's the story.

The ping putters are finished in the same black nickel chrome Ping has been using in its Tour Wedges. It's a very pleasing look that gives sort of a grey cast to the stainless steel and, while somewhat shiny, it doesn't appear as though glare will be an issue.

A new ping putter was spotted out at the Humana Challenge and we’ve got some pictures below. This putter dubbed the “Nome” – a nickname I actually reserve for a fellow golfer of mine who stands a mere 5 feet tall and almost the same around – is a pretty sleek looking mallet.

According to John Solheim, Ping Golf's president, a tungsten weight has been added in the toe portion of the club, as well as a small amount of weight under the urethane insert in the back of the club. The S57 from the ping irons sale is a small-headed blade designed for low-handicap players who want to maximize feel and control.

According to Solheim, the S57's moment of inertia is higher than the S58 irons, which ping irons has been making for highly-skilled players. This should make the irons more forgiving on off-center hits than the S58's.

Most golfers attribute harshness to cast clubs. Well, the I20s in the ping irons for sale definitely knock that myth down. These were some of the best feeling cast irons I have hit. No, they don't have the "buttery" feel of forged clubs, and coming from Mizuno's I am used to that. However, they feel solid off the face and the sound is excellent. No harshness, and no "mushyness" to these clubs.

Just enjoy your PING clubs!
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