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each other joy of heart, in my life, as

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each other joy of heart, in my life, as  
By sweety2012 on Jan 14, 2013 05:45 AM
A friend's wedding, the master of coach factory online ceremonies come http://down4sound.com/home/showthread.php?17196-to-reach-the-point-of-fear-the-German&p=34299#post34299 up www.coachfactorybagsc.net with a hundred dollar bill asked all those present, who want to please raise their hands, we would like to be afraid of is the emcee thought out the entire people of the tricks, no one spoke. Master of ceremonies, said: I really want to please raise their hands.

Finally someone raise their hands, and then more and more people raise their hands. Master of ceremonies looked for an old hundred notes, much less obvious show of hands. The master of ceremonies smiled and changed the sheets crumpled old hundred notes a little breakage, but few field hands. The master of ceremonies invited a little boy came to power, and that old banknotes in http://www.realhippo.com/index.php?topic=33693.0 his hand. Said: because he has his hands up, the following people roared with laughter. The little boy's face flush, emcee waved his hand for silence, and said: I tell you this new old goes a change, can you come up with that new hundred notes? The little boy said: No, thank you uncle, new old alike.

The emcee nodded, coach purses outlet so the little boy took the money and go on, the master of ceremonies for the bride and groom holding hands onto the stage, said: then a beautiful face, there is always old. Then romantic love will change with the change of life. Change the old, with the change of time will slowly become wrinkled, like my hands banknotes. But also like the little boy said new old are one hundred dollars. Its value will not change because of the folds above. Is not it? Hope that new people can understand the true value and meaning of love, do not wait until the face of growing old, or passion into bland, forget just personally say "love you for life," the oath, you cherish each other a lifetime.

New look a bit http://pooky.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=90432 deep nodded. Audience outbreak warm applause coach purses from most people throughout their lives, eager to keep constant pursuit, stop coach factory outlet online taking the coach outlet online hand does not know what happiness, the end of the day nothing, nothing to get!

Happy: like the wind, just a moment, to the quick, go too fast. Pain: from suspicion and speculation, the damage done is a pain words can not really: from a clear understanding of each other, feel each other's love, will unfolded performance.

Sweet: from both truth exchanges. Just want to bring each other joy of heart, in my life, as coach purses long as an coach factory online appreciation, a concern, a gentle, a person's really the truth, the tears of a man enough!

Pull the hand, do not break up. Life long nor short is coach factory outlet not short ...? Do not wait until the lost treasure! Cherish now have.
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