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Ping G20 Hybrid should be your best choice

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Ping G20 Hybrid should be your best choice 
By golfonlineau on Dec 30, 2012 09:25 AM
I was struggling at times to play to my handicap and find the Ping G20 Hybrid is everything a rescue or hybrid clubs should be. This australia golf online made playing a hell of a lot easier. I came away with strong conclusive evidence for feel, trajectory, dispersion and length.

I play the Ping G15 Driver and love it and was looking to add a hybrid to my bag. Just put the PING G20 Hybrid in my bag several week. Performance of the Ping G20 hybrid was very solid on the golf course, with no issues getting off tee, turf or through rough. When first hitting this hybrid I found it a little difficult due to usually hitting with Adams hybirds which tend to be a little lighter in weight. After a few hits on the range I found that I was hitting this club extremely long and straight.

The PING G20 Hybrid is a lot more forgiving than the longer irons. The G20's will go dead straight which is what the manufactures and testers say these things do. I love Ping and the full G20 line especially Ping G20 Irons and this Hybrid. After hitting them for a while, you get over the alternative look of them, mainly because of their performance and feel. Added bounce and increased sole camber both front to back and heel to toe assure the Ping G20 Hybrid exceptional ground impact.

This is a great product, particularly, if you like a club that allows you to feel the club head throughout the swing. Ping has engineered more bounce and sole camber into the G20, which should help the club glide smoothly through grass, helpful when the ball is off the fairway. The head is slightly offset and I can really hit the ball high with this club. I have carried a sonertec hybrid for over 10 years the ball flight is very low.

Additionally, it's a game improvement club, which makes it easy to hit. For a Ping product it looks good behind the ball during setup. This helps to improve your confidence in hitting the club. The PING G20 Hybrid allows to have the ability to go high into the green as will. As a reformed slicer I can hit this club straight or with a slight draw is very easy. For a better control, this Ping golf club has a flatter lie angle that allows you to play confident shots. The sole camber of this fairway club allows for smooth transitions even for those difficult-to-play shots.

Ping offers two stock shafts that provide very solid feel and balance to the club. The TFC 169H is in the mid-70-gram range and carries a higher torque rating than the TFC 169H Tour, which comes in heavier weights, lower torque and provides a lower trajectory with less spin.
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Ping G20 Hybrid should be your best choice 
By jin1234i on Jan 07, 2013 10:49 AM
It can really cause you to put your fairway wood swing on it that produces .

doctors notes
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Re: Ping G20 Hybrid should be your best choice 
By tommack on Jan 17, 2013 10:52 AM
Though sometimes not quite as popular as some other names such as Callaway and TaylorMade. The Mizuno still attracted my eyes.

The new mizuno australia MX-700 driver has certainly taken a stand atop the new driver list this year. The Mizuno MX-700 Fairway Wood is very similar in looks to the driver, it's sleek, classy and inviting to hit. The new Mizuno 460cc driver is a wide body geometry shaped driver that pushes the CG toward the back.

With the mizuno sale MX-700 driver and rescue club already bagging a gold award and a 'Best on Test' award respectively earlier this year, the MX-700 Fairway Wood in the family couldn't have gone home with its head held high unless it followed suit. The MX-700 will replace the beloved MX-560. Some may be disappointed of the replacement, most will enjoy the upgrade.
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