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By reply on Dec 18, 2012 05:57 AM
he frowned slightly, while the profound thought she should be angry, but he saw her elegant being a handkerchief to skirt brushed off a finger, pine, such as accidentally put the handkerchief sliding hand to, happen to float to a small boat shoes, while he lowers his head to look under the table, she takes the chocolate quietly dropped into his coffee.

Single radio yet picked up the handkerchief, carrying in his hand shake, asks, but already knows. "This gadget is: who lost?"

They all look to the owner, but she didn't hear, she ends up a coffee cup, light sip.

The single Menghuo grunted, took the handkerchief to the nose of a rub, hand give away.

Xue Xiaochan or not silent, only in a single Mengduan coffee to drink, take aim eye slightly past, see he savors to the coffee sweet taste of chocolate, put a full cup of coffee all drank myself, her lips only vaguely escape a trace of laughter: her wolf lamb or like sweet taste of chocolate!

Smile through eyes hidden window, she suddenly thought of what, canthus slightly over a small boat at taut tied into tile as flat thick chest, not coach outlet by the pros and cons of laughter, seems to be without a sound sad sigh together with a slightly bitter coffee down, hanging on her brow.

Then, he heard the sunshine boys laughter in all ears swinging ring: "double cease day, all what is on the program?"

Ding Xiaoyi is unable to hold oneself back to ask: "is not ready yet," what a good idea?"

"The day after tomorrow I have to take part in the basketball game, but tomorrow at a loose end, otherwise, we go ice skating?"

Sporty Su Chang made a suggestion, only Ding Xuemei nod, Liu Su holding glasses just don't push the tip like skate shoes, he likes to stand on solid ground of sense of security.

Aiming at the profound is a silent two, ruffian ruffian laughed, "Su kid, you do not feel the atmosphere here is cold enough for you, also went to the skating rink down a building, did not become frozen meatball?I can still go to the atmosphere lively place is plunged into a space, disco dancing!We the class was not a pretty girl who?"

"Yeah!"Ding Xiaoyi turned to look buddy, urged, "little Zen, students in the thing is not to have finished, occasionally to relax well, play well together tomorrow?I want to see you dance. "!"

Xue Xiaochan kind of hesitation.

Single radio yet again with a spoon on a coffee cup, beating clink.

Profound timely make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks: "single major suit dance is cool, usually to show tickets also fails to see, you can not miss."

Xue Xiaochan head start thoughts thronged one's mind., couldn't help is nodded.

Liu Suyi thought that the opportunity to work with little Zen on the floor and rotation, the heart is somewhat smug, immediately raised to join the team.

Single radio yet do not speak, his head is chewing a chocolate, alacrity.

About the time and place, but out of the situation -- the very next day

Su Chang called to school basketball warm-up match, Ding Xiaoyi also went far; coach outlet online this boy said that a sudden inspiration, hiding in the students' dormitory continued his detective novels, the Liu Su dragged to help him finishing the manuscript.As a result, six people there are four are up to be unavailable, the results on time to an appointment only a coach outlet single radio yet and Xue Xiaochan.Happy www.bagsoutletfan.com friends eventually evolves into pair dating.

"What the hell?"

Single radio yet "pa" hang up the far call, holding the mobile phone in a doorway pacing, heart whispered: which coincidentally?Say no come no come, I really do not know the two friends the heart of what?

"Hey!Dude, we advanced to warm up!"

Have a look around the feet issue orders left and right one queer-looking black cat, single defeat with his face with his radio yet.This did not come to, should not come nor is it involved in giving any bother!Many have a look at it, his heart was suffocated.

"I told you to leave. Don't make a surprise action?Also, what is your dress?Why put the mop cloth tied to the buttocks, and did not go to Hawaii to dance the hula, hideous!Fast off!"

He had picked up the only funny cat, trying to pull it off "Hula", ear has heard pass by the street girls who snicker, "with the cat boy so cute!"


The first time I heard of such a terrible an adjective that crown to a head, a single radio yet stared at Lai in his bosom cat, forehead all take a cloud of smoke, trying to throw it in the trash bins, he heard someone on the other side of the street called out to him: ""!"

One of his eyes, he saw the smiling leisurely walking to her.

Lace sling, pure black ladies skirt, Bohemia style purple fringed scarf with reticular waist, elegant retro hair, beautiful lip gloss, and ghost mountain two personal first date the same dress, classical graceful.

He remembers her once said: "this is my closet only one of the most sexy skirt!"Then, he is very happy today she still wore that skirt to dating him.Xue Xiaochan is dressed up, whole person seems particularly outstanding, station to a small boat in front, saw wolf lamb today wearing a top edge of the peaked cap, black jeans, black jeans, with western cowboy like, cool!She couldn't help his heart gave a lurch, hurried out of sight around, look, do not see the other coach outlet online four shadow, "well, other people?Has not come yet?"

"They have had a busy, not to come."

He's a answer, Xue Xiaochan suddenly realized something quickly gave him a look, look strange.

See her eyes, nervous a bit uncomfortable to holding the little purse two buckle drawstrings, single radio yet hums tittering or tearing a laugh, held out a finger pick her www.teccoach.com jaw, forcing her eyes don't dodge, "so nervous, afraid I would eat you not?"

Xue Xiaochan looking lips a little bad students laugh, look slightly trance, seem to smell a breath mint cool breeze on her lips, http://clickmovement.org/content/wwwteccoachcom-fresrt4e45tr43 a presumptuous to head up, she suddenly remembered, hurried through the single radio yet fingers, urine red cheeks, a single radio yet blame to come. Refute: "tomboy, laugh, you have the ability to eat me?"

A "tomboy" to a small boat winced, always by his deliberate behind a real problem again placed in front, forcing him to recognize their status!
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