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The Taylormade R7 Irons Is Very Good

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The Taylormade R7 Irons Is Very Good 
By kangmake on Dec 12, 2012 11:51 AM
If you are unable to hit these Taylormade r7 irons high and straight and have a problem with slicing the ball, or never have been able to hit a draw.

The taylormade r7 irons have been around for a while now and have been superseded in popularity by the TaylorMade Burner Irons, R9 irons and most recently the new R11 Irons. I grabbed a set and headed off to the range to see how they perform.

The taylormade r7 irons price isnít bad looking at all. The yellow and black color scheme is classy looking and the cavity is nicely designed and as discreet as it can be for a club of this type. All in all it looks exactly like what it is, a game improvement iron built to get the ball up in the air. Itís not as if you are going to be squirming with embarrassment when your pals eye up what you are gaming. I was fairly impressed with the aesthetics of the R7 iron.

This was one of Taylormadeís first irons to incorporate their Inverted Cone Technology that maximizes the COR across a portion of the clubface. This r7 irons for sale basically allows the very thin face to generate maximum performance from a wider portion of the face.

The irons set up pretty nicely behind the ball and they look like they mean business with their thicker topline. The offset should help higher handicappers without being so much as to become a distraction. These r7 irons are a set of irons that fly straight and high and are excellent on off center hits.

They arenít really designed for shot shaping but if your game is up to it there is no reason why you canít manage it with the R7 Irons. For the type of golfer these are aimed at this is probably a much more useful weapon and the r7 irons price was good here.

Sure they are a little longer in the tooth than some but they still do what good irons do and remain very comparable to the R9.

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