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By reply on Dec 06, 2012 05:39 AM
Such a chore, why would fall on her head?

Ouyang, carrying Red Riding intended light taste of the food, walking access to the rooms quartzite, ordered her Feng Yan Bomb collateral in accordance with the three meals a day who is sidelined for the rooms to send meals.

Collateral, he got his wish, with a heart, when trace several text silver.

In fact, she most wanted to ask, the public the Sun Qian why would promise his unreasonable pawn? This pawn business, there is no money to make, the chosen public Sun Qian Hui Bing Yan Jinhuan plainly said: "He is quite a rare pawn, is an almost priceless, improper pity."

Yan Bomb is also fatuous overdone, actually docile nodded: "Then listen to the words of Him brother to keep him down."

Previous strict thoroughly enjoyed themselves it will not!

Her so good sent? ! Did not ask the public Sun Qian phrase, not Blah the rebuff to reprove public Sun coach factory outlet Qian When expensive!

Now if public said Sun Qian casually, roadside stone value of twelve thousand, strict Bomb also nodded yes.

Thoroughly enjoyed themselves turn of the transfiguration small sheep not strict, but the public Sun Qian backing behind too huge, whether he made any wrong decisions, coach factory outlet online someone will help him solve the anger - just take the teeth glistening diamond in strict strict Bomb twice thoroughly enjoyed themselves in front of Huang Yan Bomb wits fly.

The evil of the diamond, to teach a woman can not resist, including her.

Diamond Hill has before Li Meixiu to apologize in the name of the pawn shop big send Vajra bare drill for everyone to cool down, I hope you forgive her of wrongdoing, Ouyang of Red Riding intended also received several packages.

Diamond, beautiful dazzling inlaid in the hairpin on the unparalleled elegance, embedded in the ring, the aesthetic of the the coach outlet foil light blue fingers, she put it down, even on pawnshops guests are renowned for, and could not help but ask where can buy, no wonder the recent diamond jewelry business surge Qin Guan Long time no see shadows, all day fighting with diamond, pondering them the Yuchi righteousness is coach outlet online transferred to the gem shop guard the safety of the diamond, take strict precautions against thieves crooked brains moving to the top.

Because of diamond for the strict Bomb bring large sums of money, so she decided to laissez-faire pawnshop play collapse does not matter, is not it? So Emaoegou casually they can sexually explicit, is not it?

Ouyang the Red Riding intended cold laugh, did not stop the pace of their rooms, her first cicada light rejection, rejection pile of confusion to the mind, leaving only about ancient early-year-old "things.

The ancient early years, room name and surname of the man.

The public Sun Qian said he is rare, said his priceless, she really can not see out where.

He is a good-looking man, she does not deny that, but if the means rare in the world, his looks, are too. Men, no matter how, will not be football for the wives, and have not heard which emperors bristle male Yan, priceless this four-character, open to question.

Knee top door panels, Ouyang Red Riding intended to enter the room, the ancient early-year-old was sitting on the Throne goes on stream when the antique, read stacked on the floor, with the flow when the ancient books, see her come, he co-book, before she took over the tray, Ouyang Red Riding intended by book him to do.

You forget applicator? "She aiming see table bottle of ointment have not been touched askance glance sideways www.coachfactoryoutletusa2013.com at him, obviously only yesterday reminded his.

"My injury has healed."

She has got used to his voice, easily able to distinguish between what he said, no longer feel sweaty, or had to be repeated several times to each word understand.

Is this.

Heal heal heal .... She really doubt he know anything about the word is valid! Not a dagger drawn chest, called cured, all right? !

"Doctor fried yam soup, you do not drink, open creams you rub only insisted had been cured, you have the divine power of self-healing is not?" She simply does not believe his rhetoric when he is afraid of the drug bitter, afraid trouble will be so www.coachfactoryoutletusa2013.com evasive.

OUYANG the Red Riding intended ripped the bottle of red paper seal, opening the lid, inside full of pale straw colored plaster, taste some cool nose, her wrinkled face, dug full of cook: "I can help you painted quickly to skirts untie. "

Servant to deliver meals to send food to send this tea things are done, not bad to do more one on drugs trivial anyway strict Bomb ordered her to take good care of him, she was unwilling unwilling, will obediently do.

"Really do not." See her approaching, he cheeky embarrassment, as if leaned over, is a ready brutal murderers cottage bandits, and he is pulling tight lapel mouth shouting, "Do not come" honest woman.

"Goodwives what you?!"

"The men and women accept not pro." Through the ages has been the best excuse.

"You like Him brother like I am male." She waved, and asked him to throw away the corrupt old fogy ideas.

No man would like her mouthwatering is so delicate Qiaomei, he can not do.

Myself let myself, okay? "Ancient early-year-old attempt to make their own voices heard sincere.

Yourself if so, with cans of old drugs has long been painted over. "She had the number out how many times said to himself," I remember the applicator, but he fell on deaf ears, her laziness mouth, hands directly.

"I can be painted in front of you, so you staring at myself." He insisted, sideways to avoid her.

"Spit, take it." Her hands full of drugs anointed back to the bottle, if he wished to be gallipot handed him quite sorry missed touch his chest stab wounds, she would like to see if it hurt position hurt the extent hurt why harm the doctor shook his head again and again, why hurt so ancient early-year-old did not spend a few days, it can get casual ambulate.

Ancient early-year-old turned backwards sand Shua undress sound, slowly wiping drug action, all are turned, she saw behind him the other end with long black hair and slim shoulders the beauty also look vain.

She is in the process of waiting for their own to fill up a big bowl of rice, ladle soup dig to help him.

Not her unique selfishness, their own interests belly full, she eat his soup, but sent several days of meals, should he begged to accompany him to a meal, she found his habit, she knew he was always first soup before eating from his slim body, the appetite for a major slow food they eat, and do not particularly love meat - that would really rare, she knew the man better than vegetarian food is meat, but every time the table up the plate boiled chicken, everyone scrambling to grab drumsticks to eat often fastest emptied a dish.

He likes vegetable soup surpassed the ginseng chicken soup, like steamed surpassed the braised he likes tofu, like diced green onion, like porridge, as well as coach outlet he likes carrots - that is the kind of food she most hated, so he was willing to whole disk the carrot block full pick clean, convenient She gulps eaten and carrots Hunzhuo of together stew of meat tenderizer. She agreed and eat with him, one of the main reasons, she does not eat, he eats; he does not eat, but it is her favorite.

Several times she was www.coachfactoryoutletusa2013.com at the front counter busy, then the trust coach outlet store of small yarn to help deliver meals to feed him, and afterwards, listening to a small yarn mention from her end of the meal into the cloth dish meal call him, she left the room, he without saying a word, like a dumb, ignore the people asked him what should not.

Later, she found, except Him brother, she is only two listened to the people he spoke, perhaps consciously throat the coarse blanket ugly, often by people eyebrows, so he became very quiet. However, he has to face her full talkative Yeah, eating, the two East chatted West chat, never cold field embarrassment, no can not find the words of horrendously.
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