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By sweety2012 on Nov 24, 2012 06:49 AM
I finally understand the meaning of the dream some time ago.

Dream a week ago, Jane Creek bought a platinum ring, he extended his hand and gave me the time, did not kneel down, did not say "marry me", but said, deadpan, "give you" .

Three hours before the Palace Ming with goes pale, cold face, telling me, handing me a ring said to me: "send you."

Two and a half hours before the phone Jane Creek came the voice of a strange woman prettily.

In my panic to hang up the phone passed seven hours after the sky Xun lit up. In seven hours, I lay in my bed, looking out the window of a sub-one second the light changes in the sky, the moment can not sleep a wink.

I clearly witnessed like a dark sea empty playground wear light little by little, according to eventually coach become pale gray winter scenery. The first person to get up, call the white gas, from walking in my field of vision.

In seven hours, I gave Jane Creek two SMS.

Article: "Where are you?"

Article: "You can go back to a phone call to me?"

But my phone coach has not sounded. I repeated the phone open the view, but still no news. The Jane Creek young face on the screen, in a dark environment, clear as Xiatian Lie Kusakabe trees. Glittering green light, according to my chest pain.

Get up coach outlet from the bed and went to the bathroom, I saw the mirror his gaunt face, fast fell into the coach handbags outlet black eye on the cheekbone and fast fell into the chest of the lower eyelid (...), like "Resident Evil" where zombie-like redness of the eyes, so I feel very depressed. In comparison but this repression and repression because Jane Creek, is trivial.

I coach outlet Xun grooming steal from the cabinet in the coach factory next McCully she dior Peel awakening essence Graffiti in the face, and then opened the door into the coach outlet online living room to prepare a coach bags outlet cup of coffee.

Just left out, opened the door wearing vests out of the to the Tangwan as I saw. Chaos, she wore one like just Hulk raped over and looked at me haggard face for a moment, floating said to me: "You resumed menstruation? Confused so haggard?"

I was great anger, then turned and grabbed the cushions on the sand, coach hard hit in the past towards the toilet Tangwan as. But small foam cushions, such as muscle Tangwan Latitude back gently bouncing a bit, bounced back to the ground, and she has not perceived to continue walking towards the toilet.

I was shocked. I know that if you do not rely on sharp tools ** cause physical injury, it is difficult for her, so I turned to the spiritual level, and asked her: "You recently started a fitness friends?"

Then I heard her neck stiffly out of the "click" sound ...

One second before she burst promptly rushed back to his room locked the door. The Nanxiang from quilt popped a head and saw my back desperately against the door, panting like, she rubbed his eyes and asked me: "the underworld how much you owe in the end?"

It was quarter past eight. In my room coach factory door the passive attitude Tangwan such as leaving the last sentence "Lin Hsiao I want Tiaoduan your tesujis hamstring, had to go out to go to class.

I went back to sit down on the edge of the bed.

Nanxiang climb up from the bed, wrapped in a quilt to turn on the computer, and then began to sing.

She went back to bed and lie down, asked me: "Your morning not have class?"

I looked at her casually made up a reason: "I do not www.getcoachoutletonlinee.net feel, do not want to go."

She did not ask to win an album began to turn from the top shelves of the pillow, halfway raised his head and asked if I could help her a cup of coffee.

Me in the living room coffee, and then consider a bit, ready to tell Nanxiang yesterday evening phone Jane Creek woman thing.

I walked back into the room, the door wall phone rang. I have a hunch is calling Jane Creek.

The premonition I start has always existed. SMS the sound such as cell phones, I suddenly had a premonition that he; dormitory aunt downstairs was looking for me, I had a premonition that he; such as express my parcel, I had a premonition that he sent gifts .

Each time is accurate.

This time is no exception.

I took my coffee to stay stood for a moment, until the Nanxiang "Hey" www.coachfactorybagse.net I recall God, I was very reluctant to pick up the phone, that crash down low, magnetic, and filled with a crisp and refreshing "Hey", indeed from the Jane Creek.
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