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By reply on Nov 24, 2012 06:45 AM
Hand tucked a lock of her black hair scattered in the chest, Huangfu Ye say anything to break the silence that lie in between the two men. "Before you leaves government do something?"

"I wait on young master of maidservants."

The answer so the Huangfu Ye eyes showing a trace of Henan, "Why you did not stay at his side and ministered unto him, and instead followed Ye Hua Kwan road back to Beijing?" On her first serve people, not him, but another man, he unhappy.

The blue printed replied: "expedition around the corner, the young master would like to concentrate on study hard, stay in Young County, the young master page boy accompanied him enough, I do not have to wait on. Thinking and halfway tragedy, her dark under the eye, "Fortunately, the young master did one come coach along, or else ......"

She did not finish the the jaw Doudi was lifted with two fingers forced to face him a pair of cold evil Heitong.

"After you are not allowed to mention him, your heart can only think of me." Huangfu 烨 darkened command.

Feel his words both overbearing and unreasonable, blue print transparent corrugated brow, thinking immediately and his moody temper, and then hold back you want to export to refute his words.

Serve the past two days, she has some to find out his temperament, know their defying his words attracted his sullen, might as Xuyuweiyi, you can save a lot of trouble.

"Hear no?" See her silent, coach outlet store online Huangfu 烨 displeasure ask again.

Hear hear is one thing, at least she thought to how to think, it is not by what he says goes.

"You'd better I say to listen into my heart." He got into blind eye, thumb sliding on her pale lip softly warned, he would not let her re-think of anyone other than him, she Jom in only he thought.

Blue print does not say anything, roll the silver side of the scarf fastened with a black belt of the same color in his hair, he lowered his hands retreating step, to remind him, "almost the same hour, to go practice baozhu.

Glanced at him, the Huangfu Ye sleep before marching out of room.

To see him leave, the blue Indian Qingtu breath. Each face him, his breath exude evil cold total to her cheap coach purses flustered timid.

As Powell left the blue print pitching, fighting back from the bones revealed an cold, windy, and walked toward the kitchen with. Has been delayed for too many coach outlet store days, she must hurry to make buns so that he was satisfied with the job.

"To Indian children, this bowl of porridge is left to you, eat fast." To the Zaofang, green Sao end a bowl of porridge to her.

Xiexie Qing Mrs. Blue and India took the bow porridge. Holds many lessons for her to eat anything, are tantamount Juela no Bansi taste.

Noticed that she was wearing the old Aozi give her Green Mrs. frowned.

"Fang Zongguan or did not take winter clothes to you?"

"Well, it does not matter, young Mrs. ye gave me these clothes have been warm enough." Her out of coach factory outlet touch with a laugh.

Had Huangfu Ye brought coach factory online in Fengxiang Fort, wore clothes, she did not.

Originally, she also had pieces of dark red cloak, but because the doctor in treating her Jianshang to Chelan, time to take care of her Xiaochun to Naqu throw, so these past few days to wearing warm clothing are Xiaochun Green Sao kindly scrape together for her replacement.

"I really do not know thinking what Fangzong Guan, cold days, how sets of clothes do not give you deliberately wanted to call you freeze to death?" Green Sao to dissatisfaction authentic.

Yesterday she specifically to the Come Fang Zongguan, this weather is very cold, she set aside a few pieces of winter clothing for Indian children to keep out the cold, turned out to Fang Zongguan actually said this of her own sense of propriety, want her not nosy.

"Mrs. Green, it does not matter, these clothes are warm enough, really." She is, after all, is not Fengxiang Fort, just a stranger to her, Fang Zongguan warm clothing, and she did not have to complain, is now her only bent forward as soon as possible make let HUANGFU Ye feel delicious buns, good to get out of here, the rise in the county to find the young master.

Hurriedly drinking gruel, she took out the flour, ready to do buns.

Huangfu Ye daily practice an hour, seize the time to knead the dough, knead well, aside first woke look spare.

This then reuse of water that will be made of the filling ingredients washed one by one, she is cold water frozen stiff hand holding a knife, dish chop fine, chop finished ready seasoning actually surprised to find vegetables at the end doped dyed red juice, she puzzled frown, think those scarlet sap is playing where when the ear, they floated coach another cook low sounds.

"Ah, blue girl, your hand is bleeding?"

Heard, her eyes looked down to the left hand, and discovered that the fingers do not know when the kitchen knife cutting blows with the scarlet blood juice is bubbling Qin, may be frozen sake, she do not feel pain.

Green Sao quickly took a clean towel over to help her hemostatic bandage wounds.

"This is your child, how to cut the hand are not feeling?" Green Sao side dressing while pronouncing.

The blue printed appreciate authentic: "I would like to thank the Green Sao

The day of her stay here is how to go on after the loss of a loved father and adults.

"Perhaps the weather is too cold, will be frozen can not feel." Side of Chen Daniang said.

Green Mrs. pity sighs loudly and said: "I'll retake some clothes for you to wear, you wear this really too thin."

"No, young Mrs. clothes really warm enough, I just do not concentrate on only accidentally cut hand." She knew green Sao They are in fact not the number of replacement clothing, then politely decline her kindness.

She will pick out stains bloodshot dish, adding the right amount of seasoning mix package into the right man to defend the good dough, and finally into the steamer, cover with a clean, damp cloth and then wake up moment, over low heat until steaming from the buns.

Steamed stuffed buns, her first twist a buns, stripping half handed Chenda Niang and young Sister, her coach outlet canada sense of taste has not been restored, I could not taste, but to ask the young Sister and Chen Tainiang try to see first taste of how .

"The buns do really good skin elastic teeth fillings delicious." The Chen Tainiang exclaim, thirty-two will buns eaten.

The blue print nervously looked green Sao green the Sao taste the two also agreed and said: "Well, taste really good, you Dongfen Riga fillings, tasted more refreshing."

I heard both say, eyebrows, lips blue print Shu open micro-save Yang Kai touch of laughter.

After a few days ago and the young Mrs. discussion, she finally understood the beginning to make the buns, the reason before, leaves the government made the taste is different due to differences in the climate of the north and south, so the flavor of the ingredients also how many there will be different she listened to the views of the young Mrs. change some ingredients and condiments, do it out of buns taste good for many.

The first two sent Huangfu Ye front, however, is still unable to make his satisfaction, all he was not picky one.

Her vertical eye www.coachoutletspursee.org looking at this the cage hot buns, I do not know this, he will pick out what is wrong.

"Fast sent to baozhu still hot, cold does not taste good, I think this baozhu should impress." Green Mrs. laughed.

"Hmm." Green Sao words gave her some confidence, she came in with the the buns with Zaoshan back to Xianxin Park.

Park, had finished power Huangfu Ye Yang Wang is working with speak to her without consulting others went into the side of the pavilion, and did not say anything to disturb them.

Outside the cold, she Su Zhao body, resting on a stone table Zaoshan the the Huangfu Ye habits had finished power pavilion with Zaoshan.

While waiting, she looked frozen stiff palm blowing a few mouthfuls of hot air, hands tightly surrounded in the chest, and still could not stop looking secrete the marrow chill.

His teeth can not help but bite tightly, perhaps it is too cold, but also let her head more and more drowsy, her efforts to shore up the heavy eyelids to Xincun with be going to cook some ginger drink, relieving refreshing.

Eqing, Huangfu Ye account finished things, into the Bajiaoting.

She hastened to offer to www.buycoachoutletfactorys.org give him a cup of hot tea.

Took the cup and looks she was seen wearing a Shenzhe blood stains on the linen, Huangfu of Ye Jun eyebrow micro save ask: "how is this going?"

"Chopping careless cuts." Then, she would like to hand coach hidden behind.

But that he had a Chezhu, pulled in front, untie the towel see it lasts inch-long wound on her index finger Road.

The Huangfu Ye stature flash, went inside, immediately again out of the hands of more than a white porcelain vase.

Blue chop stared at him as she was on drugs, at the moment, his face showing the Nama rare soft, make her look silly eye.

This will not be groggy because at the moment her whole head, before vertigo wrong now? She could not help but gently drowsy knocked on the head.

Finished drugs, Huangfu Ye porcelain handed her hand and said: "Take two drugs times every morning and every evening, no two days the wound will heal." Unusually cold fingers touched her hand, he wrinkled eyebrow and said: "Your hands are is how so cold?"

Blue print could coach factory outlet not hear clearly what he said, only to feel his head more and Shen, the entire people have almost stand.

"You are stupid, and how not to answer?" Huangfu Ye hand bomb to her pretty nose, the Mei Feng instant Organisation condensate, big hands immediately covered her forehead, face and, Dizhou Road: "Damn, so hot, you do not know myself in a fever it? "
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