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Titleist 712 ap1, ap2, cb irons Review

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Titleist 712 ap1, ap2, cb irons Review 
By delia on Nov 12, 2012 07:14 AM
Today I am sharing with you a review of the Titleist 712 series Irons--ap1, ap2, cb irons. These beautiful blades are definitely made for better players, so beginnerís stay clear of these irons. Now, letís get to them!

Titleist have managed to increase the MOI (Moment of Inertia) by 4% creating more forgiveness in the long irons, and higher ball speeds on off-center hits throughout the set. The progressively reduced blade length means improved feel and control with the short irons. The titleist ap1 712 irons have a traditional head-shape with a bevelled topline aimed to improve confidence at address.

The titleist ap2 712 irons have a more square profile than before, a feature specifically requested by Titleist's Tour players. A forged carbon steel head is aided by a high-density tungsten weight, creating increased playability. Titleist wanted to improve distance control and achieve a more consistent ball speed with the cheapest ap2 712 irons.

The Cheapest Golf Clubs For Sale--Titleist CB 712 Irons are a forged blade with a satin finish. They feature a progressive offset with a shallow cavity behind the club face. In addition, they have a thin top line and a round profile that make the Titleist CB irons one of the sharpest irons available. These beautiful blades, are full-on blades Ė beginnerís beware. I was actually surprised how forgiving the CB performed on off center hits, considering theyíre not built with heavy heel and toe weights.

Titleist are quietly confident that the AP1 will outsell the ap2 712 irons. So, I have to say, many golfers will agree these irons look awesome. If your swing is anything but consistent, stay well clear of these irons.

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