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By starting on Nov 05, 2012 03:27 AM
An Sisi woke up when a splitting headache, eyes up raw so she closed her eyes and breathed deeply for three seconds.

Clothes thrown on the floor, and touch on almost fall apart, she blink a few eyes, people all of a sudden wake up. Pulled pulled the thin blanket to cover the body, not pull, the vision could not help cast a glance down the quilt over.

That a quilt, coach outlet actually ...... actually ...... a man!

My god, what happened? This this this this ... how will sleep with a man http://www.hcneman.by/forum/topic/16206?replies=1#post-21501 light himself?

Quilt the other end of the man was awake, he was lazy stretched arms, big yawn, the thin broken hair, he looks handsome.

coach outlet online Ah, a tall and robust have to let all the woman screaming man, to exude masculine atmosphere.

- "

An Sisi amazing, then screaming, screams can be run through the ceiling, "You, you, you ..."

The man frowned, and looked to see An Sisi crouched in the corner of glittering greatly bashing the Taohua Yan musters a faint sneer edge of the lips.

He was very calm and to get up, whole body very muscular and star sense, in addition to the extremely handsome general three-dimensional, such as jade face, broad shoulders, narrow waist, bulging pectoral muscles, and at least six of the abdominal muscles.

Is really a perfect man, this face, this body ......

"Shut up, you stupid woman!" His lips spit out the words coach outlet canada coldly.

Uh, she skinned scene a pumping, screaming forgotten for the moment also forgot a comeback, just looked silly to perfect as God, facial expressions are like icebergs in general men.

He exude the momentum of a king, even the eyes slightly a squint, An Sisi gone to the gas field, he sneered getting in the way, with very contemptuously tone, said: "screaming what last night called enough? "

Uh uh, words reminded her physical pain, anger and angry to say: "You bastard -"

The man without looking at her, and went into the bathroom, and soon, there came the sound of water full blast.

Uh uh uh?

I did not hear her curse.? The guy is not a courtesy, she was not willing to opened the door to rushed into it, you want to ask questions, at least, why lose your virginity, even if bitten by a dog must have an explanation to a pen compensation?

Door a push, bathroom springtime so she suddenly want Penbi Xue, OMG, good good ... so tempting scene, she wants anthomaniac while, he was inside a warm wet embrace hug.

Overbearing man's breath suddenly surrounded her trance, lips passionate kiss cover, the next moment, she felt that the whole world followed dizzy up.

OMG, my God, she wanted to faint, really want to faint ... What is man, how can this technology content ... people fascinated hum ...

His lips is very hot, her brain suddenly blank, difficulty breathing, and his heart was peach blossoming open.

In when she was about fainted when intoxicated man was severely pushed her cold face, her eyes with extravagant brilliant look, lip outline radians into ridicule: "SEE, pretend to be innocent, not and all women are the same! "

The sudden change of her face was pushed to the ground, jumped up, "You bastard ......" thought for a long time do not know coach factory outlet what to criticize, pick up a bottle of shower gel thrown to him in the past.

(Pro fan book, seeking collection, seeking comment, bookstores and fifth seeking nurturing ...... wolf kiss everyone ...) bang "slamming, just thrown into the front of his forehead.

Man Mouzhong suddenly float Nuse, on red with rage, when he was about to attack, An Sisi action half a beat faster than thought, hop, jump out, simply also lock the door, he did not The way to catch up to any in which he mercilessly hammer the door is not open.

An Sisi gingerly got up, and I feel bad to the extreme last night ... certainly coach factory online is deflowered a ...

Sure enough, the quilt below have a dark red blood, the general colors such as roses, burning pain in her eyes.

Her feel his fists to hold on tightly, his eyes full of tears, she worked so hard to stick to the two decades of the innocence of the body, so no! And do not know who the other is!

Fortunately, the other is a handsome guy, is not considered a disadvantage too, just, my heart is still very hard to accept, but also very lost. .

Pick up the clothes on the ground, it is no way to wear, but fortunately, her sharp-eyed, saw a large bath towel.

Wrapped in towels, An Sisi hair undone, like a cat to the room side slipped out, quickly left, there is simply hell ah hell.

Because the dress is too weird, cause the hotel waiters eyebrows, they are invariably Wuzui the chuckles again.

Gave up so much, or hurry to escape the more important, the loss and suffering of the heart, far more than the pain of the head.

Even more frightening is that in case the man inside rushed out, her estimate also fallen.

That cruel man, a look will be able to let her become an ice sculpture, it is too lure (and confusion) force, ah ah ah ...

Taxi downstairs in the hotel a lot, and not have to wait directly on a driver coach factory uncle would have very small eyes, after she came in, www.coachoutlets--canada.org immediately stare big.

An Sisi bite the bullet and Impacts of Pre vertical eye and said: "See what see never seen beauties ah! Open your car, look at you dig your eyes out! Hum!"

Uncle while driving, while very aggrieved and said: "Miss, you wrapped in a towel, I think you under what means to pay the fare."

An Sisi startled swallowing throat, the brow of a challenge, said: "do not you worry, the girl will pay you!"

Will, An Sisi said: "Uncle, by phone with a friend to pick me up."

Took over the the driver uncle's phone, dial a long time, it said: "Hey, silver sister, in which man's couch?"

Came over a lazy voice, said: "Well, they look at."

After a few seconds, came the the the silver sister pleasant voice, said: "Smith small kiss on the couch."

An Sisi said: "any money downstairs to pick me up, I have no money to pay the fare."

The money immediately outbreak: "Why? You have to be reimbursed ah."

"Ah ah, sick of."

Said, hung up the phone, and gave the driver uncle, the driver uncle cough a few times and said: "the little girl in the inside of the hotel's nightclub just now Miss ah?"

An Sisi white www.coachfactorystorez.com at him, said: "do Miss? Uncle, you've seen me so pure Miss What?"

Driver uncle mouth pumping even car break rental help but tremble, wrapped in a bath towel in broad daylight, exposed skin covered with a hickey dare to say that their own pure.
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