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By sweety2012 on Nov 01, 2012 03:45 AM
"Ping ~"

A loud noise, in addition to driving the ship's brother, the remaining two machine gun along with machine guns together towards the skies.

"Ha ha, Mike Mussina, did you see that I can fly!!"One of the broken two legged soldier louis vuitton purses outlet laughing, and doom pulled the trigger.

"Had not thought had not thought, I Qi Guo-Qiang broke his leg, he one day can fly.Thank you the old mu!!Ha ha ha ~ ~"

At the last moment, no despair, no sorrow, only to suddenly very gorgeous light!

Li Libing driving a motorboat quickly coach handbags outlet crossed the second circle line, motorboats Brokeback veterans: "Xiao Li, a sudden opening!"

How.Li Libing gently pulled the brakes, steamboat slows down.

"The twelve of us, only you, don't forget Wu Yu still.If you have a son, don't forget to tell him, he has eleven heroes of the louis vuitton handbags godfather.Ha ha ha ~ ~"

The veterans laughed, and another soldier turned at the same time a motorboat, cheap coach purses slide after a period of time, stopped.Regardless of body pain, a machine gun, shot back up towards the.

"Come back!Come back!!"Li louis vuitton purses Libing was trapped stopping, tears keep out.

"To survive, must live!!"The veterans with legs tightly with machine guns, one hand firmly on www.cheapcoachpursesoutletss.com the trigger, the hot barrel on the leg on a sound of tearing.

Two warriors with life again for more than 30 seconds zombie army, most have entered the ring of encirclement.

Li Libing understood this task, although be, but there is a little chance for survival.Other people die, because twelve people, only he found Miss rain.Other people without a tie in the world, the students with the opportunity to own.

Look around, third laps in front is not far, Li Libing took the boat to the autopilot, with a rope tied her up, and then finally a machine-gun bursts, to back up.

"Ready to burst!Preparation of initiation!!"Calling your last sentence, Li Libing put the walkie-talkie to throw overboard.Twelve people together, now the eleven are killed, he would not.

Distant, standing in the city of Tian Qin was in floods of tears, telescope with non-stop trembling www.louisvuittonpursesoutletss.net hands.Before the sacrifice, he didn't kiss seen, but to see the ice on the lake of this scene, Tian Qin moved, real vs Li coach purses outlet Libing their dauntless spirit moved to death.

Fear no death, but fear to death!

Wipe away tears, Tian Qin exhausted a lot of effort toward the side roared: "initiation!!"



A red button, be hard pressed down.

After a few seconds, the outer coach bags outlet ring is surrounded by simultaneous blasting.Countless fireball rise at the same time, followed by a shrill frictional sound is transmitted, smooth ice suddenly splashed several feet high water.

Then http://alinespiration.com/showthread.php?274417-www-cheapcoachpursesoutletss-com-yr645654&p=351983#post351983 the second ring, third ring!

Like a dragon over sea, numerous ice was blown into the sky, the lake or tumbling, only a zombie coach outlet is swallowed into the lake, regardless of is the giant zombie cow, or strong giant zombie zombie army, even in the command type zombie, an instant all swallowed.

The whole lake left the large cat kitten Zero Zero serves thousands of zombies, but most still split into chunks of ice floe.

"The army attack!!"

"The army attack!!"

One thousand handpicked elite fighters, quickly walked toward the explosion from all sides, from the lake ran.Twenty-five bed crossbow, in dozens of soldiers pull, like a sleigh, rapidly toward the front slide.

After more than 10 minutes, one thousand soldiers surrounded by a sparse circle, in the hands of the bolt does not stop toward the surviving zombies shoot.Especially the twenty-five bed crossbow, every shot would have a large dead zone in the water.

Just a few minutes, a dangerous situation general attacks, put all the zombies and falling water.The muddy water mixed with numerous ice, do not know how many zombies in the water struggling.



One thousand soldiers down bow, pulled out a bag gray powder, forced in the water to throw.This is the working day and night out of the frozen agent, can make the water rapid freezing.Soon, the icy lake, with visible speed freezing up.

Suddenly the warrior was a hubbub, Qin Tian takes interphone asked: "how is it?"

"Captain, we found a red boat, next to it is as if a person!"
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