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By reply on Nov 01, 2012 03:40 AM
Words true and false, the Shangguan soft indeed a party that suffered such embarrassment, but hapless maid but someone else.

"Although the Shangguan Miss do not know me, but I do not mind, I just did what I wanted to do."

Rao Zhe moment of absence, "She has always been so kind."

Now that you know http://bradburncommunity.com/threads/www-buycoachoutletfactorys-com-jytr65.152139/ that she was very kind, why do we have the presence of so many people face to embarrass her?

Shangguan soft eyes become Resentment up hearts puzzled and questioned him uncomfortable.

Rao philosophy, your every day was like a lovestruck kinds of, you know? You again infatuation, Shangguan soft and will not come back to you again.

You single-handedly led our tragic ending, even if you regret not going to change anything, right?

"Master, there are other things?"

Rao philosophy finally back to God, only to find themselves actually talk and a servant so long, he is not normal?

However, Ji Xin eyebrow left him very concerned, "you obviously proud man, why in front of me so humble?" Her way of speaking, every move like a slightly weakened a kind of innate haughty noble, he could see that .

"To survive, everyone coach outlet had to learn acting, like my identity is a maid here, so even if contrary to nature, I had to own as a I to any Master bossed go. You let I left www.coachoutletusshops.net that I have to stay, you let me roll I have to roll, if I coach factory outlet played a bad role, fate perhaps will be miserable. "

She smiled, "But Soon, my maids will not so respectfully obey coach outlet store online the command of the Master.

"Oh! Yes, I remember the young master just want me to roll, since the young master coach outlet online nothing to ask, I'll roll myself!"

Rao ignore Zhe surprised expression, soft turn around Shangguan, openly Wang Menwai.

"Hey, I did not let you go ......" so arrogant to see her, the more he did not want her liking.

"I'm sorry sir, I roll too far, roll will not go back!" She blinked back at him with mad people attractiveness expression.

"Bang!" Accompanied by the loud sound of slamming coach factory outlet online doors, Shangguan soft great personality to disappear from the front of Rao philosophy.

Rao Zhe Leng Leng sits where he watched her, motionless.

Is he wrong? Just smile, clear is Shangguan soft naughty smile!

"I never thought called Ji Xin eyebrow maid Surprisingly, the eldest, a laundry list of brothers and sisters, just as her parents she seems not very concerned about, she left home coach outlet for two years, usually with very little recent contact also just www.get-coachoutletonlines.org for urging her to return home with a marriage than her coach outlet store big old man in his twenties ......

Mo cold woo holding a report very enthusiastic to share gossip and their own boss, "here there are some records www.buycoachoutletfactorys.com about her childhood, she ......


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