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Why Titleist Vokey Wedges Are Considered The Best

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Why Titleist Vokey Wedges Are Considered The Best 
By lily123 on Oct 22, 2012 05:52 AM
Do you want to play the wedges professional golfers play? If so, it is time to pick up a set of Titleist Vokey Wedges. PGA Tour pros the world over play Vokey sets because they are simply the best around from Cheap Golf Clubs.

In addition,titleist vokey wedges price combine quality, accuracy, playability, and that spin every golfer wants around the greens. Designed by master club maker Bob Vokey, these wedges have come a long way since their inception just 14 years ago. Powered by Titleist's state of the art research and development facility, Vokey turns out quality wedges for players of all levels. Regardless of handicap, a set of Vokey wedges is a welcome addition to any golfer's bag with Titleist 909 D3 Driver.

Vokey wedges offered in lofts from 48 to 64 degrees, feature Titleist's Spin Milled technology. In the factory, Titleist cuts every clubface and groove to precise specifications with a special saw-like cutting tool. This allows Titleist to ensure maximum allowable groove-depth, width, and sharpness within the rules of golf. Furthermore, the sole of every Vokey is based on the original, hand ground design of Bob Vokey himself.other hot driver like Titleist 910 D3 Driver review .

Besides,Vokey designs wedges based on years of experience with tour pros. However, Vokey now offers two groove configurations; the original Spin-Milled groves, compliant until 2024 for most players, and Titleist's new Spin-Milled C-C, which conforms to new 2010 United States Golf Association rules for groove shape and depth. The original configuration offers a medium height trajectory and higher spin, while the new configuration offers higher ball trajectory with lower spin and more roll.

Wedge play is one of the most important aspects of any golfer's game. Investing in a quality set of Vokey wedges that perform consistently around the greens will pay dividends on the scorecard. For the mid-to-high handicapper especially titleist vokey wedges for sale , the greater spin and control offered by Vokey Spin-Milled wedges will lead to shorter putts and save strokes at the end of the day. Most golfers hit driver less than 15 times a round. However, that same golfer pulls out a wedge at least thirty times a round.
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