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Callaway Golf Clubs Review

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Callaway Golf Clubs Review 
By smitheric on Jul 27, 2012 09:33 AM
Callaway Golf Clubs Review

"This four-piece style has the biggest lovely identify, maximum MOI and inner middle of severity (CG) of any Titleist titanium car owner. A enhanced go form decreases move in the forward swing (8 % less than the unique callaway diablo edge driver), which causes greater effect connections."

Among the most recommended individuals in the "max game-improvement" category; top level for absolution and look; excellent for gamers who want anti-slice technology; clears up online overlooks, flexible on less-thancenter contact; efficient, foreseen distance; you feeling that you hit callaway x22 irons well even when you didn't; devilishly excellent look with a well-positioned positioning marking on the top and an "X" inscribing on the lovely identify.

I was doubtful of Drivers in common. I am a 13 handicapper who used to business individuals annually. My present car owner had been in my bag for 3 decades, and I believed it was very excellent. I took my callaway golf x-24 hot irons season old girl to the generating variety and they had trial times, with no space for us to just exercise, so I believed I would display the Titleist rep that his new individuals were no better than the car owner I purchased 3years ago. I hit my car owner 250-260, I can item or connect with the best of them (probably why my disability doesn't improve). I hit this car owner, Diablo Advantage - not the trip edition- and it went 275-285 which was excellent, but most of all it went STRAIGHT as an pointer. So I think I'm just on nowadays and pick up my old callaway x24 hot irons.... Same old style. 250 remaining 235 right, and no management over which was arriving. Returning to the Diablo- it's traveling straight and lengthy again. I tried the other individuals.... The diablo edge trip version (not as excellent for me), the newest Taylor mades, Cobras, etc. For me, this car owner was surpass the others. callaway razr x hl irons has performed that way on the course, too. I couldn't be more happy with a car owner than this one.
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By gamesveta on Aug 24, 2012 06:38 AM
ClubTesters told us, "Top tier for distance, high marks for maneuverability and feel. Adjustability is a welcome addition for golfers who need help correcting ball flight."

- Callaway Diablo Octane Driver
- Callaway RAZR Hawk, RAZR Hawk Tour Driver
- Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Driver

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