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Jade Rings—Your Best Choice!

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Jade Rings—Your Best Choice! 
By jinebelie on Feb 03, 2012 07:01 AM

Each Jade Rings is fully custom made by some of our finest craftsmen and is available in gold or sterling silver. The high degree of customization that we provide, allows you to request for design changes according to your preference.
Jade Jewelry We could custom make a rose gold (pink gold) man jade ring for you but remember that, single piece jewels in rose gold cannot be priced economically. The preparation, melting and casting of a single rose gold ring would result in a lot of overhead expenses (in terms of process losses) for us. Jade Bangle These expenses would need to be included in the pricing structure of the rose gold jade ring. A jade ring is a great choice for a ring as it symbolizes eternal and everlasting love. It is said that the exchange of this stone binds lovers love for each other for eternity. Jade also brings wisdom to those who wear it. It gives protection and attracts prosperity. Jade Necklaces Many of these different colors are perfect for jade rings. Green symbolizes calm while blue jade symbolizes peace. Black jade gives protection from negative energy while red symbolizes love and power.
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