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Fear by Nikita Veprikov

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Title Fear
Software 3ds max, ZBrush
Comment here you can see 1280x960 resolution: http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/7338/fear1280xw1.jpg hope you enjoy it ^_^
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Re: Fear by Nikita Veprikov
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Re: Fear by Nikita Veprikov
Posted anonymously on Jan 16, 2009 05:07 PM
I like this picture. its very intresting
Re: Fear by Nikita Veprikov
By xavier on Dec 11, 2008 04:35 PM
And here... my favorite image, I really love it, has a lot of feeling, its a great job Nikita.
Re: Fear by Nikita Veprikov
Posted anonymously on Dec 06, 2008 04:44 PM
I believe you’re spoiling your work with to much drama (like many 3D people). The picture would be much better without those tentacles. It’s simply to much, getting the whole thing into 19th century symbolism, and kitsch. To leave the sweet little girl all alone would be much more expressive. There are enough symbols left anyway: e.g. the black hole in the background, and those little crawling creaters on the wall for the ‘vanitas’ feeling.
Re: Fear by Nikita Veprikov
Posted anonymously on Dec 03, 2008 04:55 PM
I really felt that image, put more of your images, your doing it great.
Re: Fear by Nikita Veprikov
Posted anonymously on Aug 29, 2008 09:59 AM
Nice, but:
- the tentacles look a bit plastic to me (on the other side, we don't know what creature it is...).
- you took care of adding grass, bump, dirt on the ground and walls, but the walls/ground "intersection" should be improved: add grass or work on the textures so that they blend more realistically
Thanks for sharing!
Re: Fear by Nikita Veprikov
Posted anonymously on Aug 29, 2008 09:18 AM
Looks great!! Nice mood!
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