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Street of Memories by Marek Denko

Street of Memories
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Title Street of Memories
Software 3ds max, VRay
Comment Since I moved from Slovakia to Italy I've started to miss a little bit those nice romantic mornings when I was studying in Brno. You are going to school and with a bit of luck you can find some cigarette from yesterday night in the pocket Air so fresh and cold just like it can be in the city after rainy night sun is low and strong so you have to close your eyes a little bit to see something... Tired but prepared for brand new day Dedicated to my wife and friends from University of Technology in Brno Viva la vita! Now little bit about the technical aspect of the image. -All is done in 3dsmax and rendered with Vray -There are about 2 milions faces plus displaced geometry -Rendertime in 3k height was almost 19 hours. -I spent on it several nights during few last weeks. -probably I will write "making of" so I will share some information about shading and lighting -I used also lowpoly cars and humans to make it more realistic. Those models are not created by me. for WIREframes go to http://denko.maxarea.com Hope you like it.
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