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Abandoned Dwellings by Leonard Krylov

Abandoned Dwellings
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Title Abandoned Dwellings
Software 3D Studio 4
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Re: Abandoned Dwellings by Leonard Krylov
By leonardk on Jan 27, 2011 11:33 AM
Wow this stuff is still up here? Wonderful memories of times long past...

Hilarious to get critique from people that probably werent even born when I modelled this ancient stuff. We're talking about 1993-1997, kiddos! Did you even know about Internet back then?

Consider that before throwing out stuff like "antialiasing" (yes, it is all "antialiased", thank you very much), "bad lighting" (like you could get "much better" lighting in the ancient 3D Studio 4 without Global Illumination and with raytracing taking forever), "not enough detail" (yeah, I'll give you a 486 running 33MHz with 16 megs and you try to give me more detail, pal).

I wonder why Raph doesn't put CLEAR BIG dates on the images, to avoid stupid commentaries?
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