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Honorable Mention

Gremlin by Alex Stratulat

Honorable Mention

Jezyczek by Marcin Klicki

Conall, the Werewolf
Jury Pick

Conall, the Werewolf by Jan Jinda

Davy Jones
Honorable Mention

Davy Jones by Antonio Peres Filho

Only a War Makes Real Monsters
Honorable Mention

Only a War Makes Real Monsters by Tomáš Müller

The Leechbreeder
Honorable Mention

The Leechbreeder by Jonathan Simard

Frankenstein's Monster
Jury Pick

Frankenstein's Monster by Anto Juricic

Jury Pick

Marv by Tomas Kral

It likes candy
Jury Pick

It likes candy by Tomas Kral

Frankenstein Monster
Jury Pick

Frankenstein Monster by Tomas Kral

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