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Jury Pick

Courtyard by Weiye Yin

Hungarian Town House
Jury Pick

Hungarian Town House by Karin Eszterhas

A Day in Valcour
Jury Pick

A Day in Valcour by Nicolas Richelet

Jury Pick

Alley by Shi Yao

Old Cloister
Jury Pick

Old Cloister by Karin Eszterhas

Entering Darkness Issue 2
Jury Pick

Entering Darkness Issue 2 by Ivan de Andres Gonzalez

Le Panier (Marseille) - Day
Jury Pick

Le Panier (Marseille) - Day by Laurent Ménabé

Le Panier (Marseille) - Night
Jury Pick

Le Panier (Marseille) - Night by Laurent Ménabé

Hagia Sophia
Jury Pick

Hagia Sophia by Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz

Gaudi's rat
Jury Pick

Gaudi's rat by Alex Martin

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