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Name Claude Vuille
Age N/A
Born Israel
Email claude@alodan.co.il
Homepage www.online.co.il/claude

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Re: Claude Vuille
By christin on Jul 30, 2004 11:05 PM
Re: Claude Vuille
By on Jul 28, 2004 09:44 PM
Re: Claude Vuille
By Johann Weirn on Apr 29, 2004 08:16 PM
"Tracy Miller", you don't know geography, neither history, and i'll bet my fortune
on it - you never created a single piece of art in your whole so-called life. Why don't
you go to college or something ? You know, to broaden your horizons so to
speak ?

Yours truly,
Johann Weirn.
Re: Claude Vuille
By Ben on Apr 21, 2004 03:05 PM
Some of you people may still have this diluted figure in their mind yet, IDF fighting little innocent kids.
First of all, this term of yours of kids hardly fits people over 18. A COUNTRY which support terrorism and sends their 12 or 14 year old kids in front of the camera for propaganda purpose or the simple fact they were brain wash by hatred films. People like that aren’t fit to be parents, it’s the worlds nature to “side” with the so called “weak” when infect most people still don’t get this that many operations even against their own countries are funded from the very money taken from the Palestinian people. Don’t act surprised I would not expect many of you to even believe my words. You would think in the society like our own which most people are culturally advance would have some sort of common sense to who’s right and who’s wrong. But then again most of he people who aren’t in Israel seem to think they know best… that they saw a proArab channel like CNN and or incorrect news, yet most people trust the TV as if were their own keen.
PLEASE do me a favor, low sensed minds like a lot of people here that think that a soldier would gladly shot at a child only to harm him is complete stupidity and ignorance. IDF isn’t a army to kill it’s a army to protect, most people see Israel as their home. Do we forget? I don’t forget when the Palestinian people had been given the best deal, 90% of nearly all their requests and so called claims were answered, and a lot of people hope for no more bloodshed. O but wait… it was turn down, now I remember when the deal was slap-right back at our face. The war that Israel seems to be fighting as fare as I can see, is more of what war would probably turn into. what most of the world shall face if its to combat terrorism. Again some people don’t really understand terrorism FOR all you people just joining in, let me fill you in “The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.”

Ok so we cover that let me now respond to the lesser minds in this community, I’m trying no to hurt the people in this forum with worse verbal language, forgive me if I caused you serious offense.

Heorot: Hmm you must have this idea of IDF Soldiers firing metal bullets at Palestinian, ooo poor family murders oo I’m so sorry. but attempts are made to lessen the impact of wounds to Palestinian lynching mobs etc , rubber bullets are used. These bullets DO cause pain, but are mostly used just to scare an angry lynching mob away, these bullets don’t! cause fatal wounds if not fired directly at essential body organs (they don’t pass throw the skin, they disintegrate on the skin in contact and speared), and lets note that these bullets are fired with the aid of a scope on the gun just to make sure we don’t seriously wound them. “Heorot” you have a complete mistaken image in your mind of what happens in the West Bank or any other of these areas. I think your just a big talker a man or child , which you prove to have shown by you lawfully stupid comments, please research before posting information that you don’t know of in anyway.
Also something else!!!! WARS the very worse of man showing out in the field ISNT simple as one of the games you may play on the computer.
Think of it this way, everything you ever thought of a so called “tactic” has most likely already brought up by someone else and much more. They are people in the world which serve in that army, which the nature of their work is just that and understand more about the laws of engagement then you.

I myself will have the honor in serving in the IDF, itself and this I would not trade for anything, 1 and half years to go if you must know.

Tell you the truth I prefer that war would never be or known and such a community base so much around war and other things would not exist it would most likely be a better world but , that world isn’t here and right now terrorism is the next generation of that war. Killing innocent people is by bomb attacks and attempting to intimidate “US” will not work. A few years ago their was a terrorist attack on the market in Yafu THE NEXT day the market was open without fear without care and people just keep going with their life.

You would expect many people in the USA after 9/11 would change their opinion about Israel and understand that we live that very sad moment in time most of our life. I Hope this post was maybe a wake up call for some of you less understanding people.

The worst is our nature, as humans. The idea that someone would kill himself to prove a point which is not their to prove I sad.
Re: Claude Vuille
By Nick on Mar 29, 2004 07:28 PM
Is the mouse upside down?? And everyone knows, the cheese stands alone. The cheese stands alone...
Re: Claude Vuille
By hippi nikki on Mar 27, 2004 08:00 PM
its amazin ur so good
Re: Claude Vuille
By David on Feb 14, 2004 08:21 PM
keep up the nice work !
Re: Claude Vuille
By Eran on Jan 28, 2004 04:00 PM
Hamda and Tracy, Take you political propaganda to the CNN forums, we dont need your bullS#$% here. This is about art and artists. Its petty, racist, idiotic people like you who make our world the way it is. If you have something to say about the artwork say it, or even better why dont you try creating something yourself.
Re: Claude Vuille
By Tracy Miller on Jan 25, 2004 05:01 AM
your work is normal .. the picture of cheese is really really bad , it's to simple
and about the castle is too dark like hamda said..

and a bout the location of your country " Johann Weirn " u wrong .. u give hamada wrong location because in that location there is country called Palestine
Re: Claude Vuille
By on Jan 10, 2004 12:46 AM
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