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Name Hyungkun Choi
Age N/A
Born Korea, South
Email technoir@netsgo.com
Homepage N/A

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Re: Hyungkun Choi
By radar50 on Nov 06, 2006 05:11 AM
Good job---I like the fact you have kept it gray and white----this brings out the shape of the girl and the objects around her---creates a more 3d image
Re: Hyungkun Choi
By blah on Oct 19, 2006 12:34 AM
sigh....well done....but.....why more nudity? the body is art, true, but artists that create these perfect women dont understand what art is for the body. the human body is beautiful in its way, capture a real woman's curve, dont fantasize about those that dont exist; leave that to the hormone raging idiots. Great creation just...sigh....
Re: Hyungkun Choi
By on Jul 07, 2006 08:55 PM
you call your self a true friend?
Re: Hyungkun Choi
By A True Friend on Jun 29, 2006 10:43 AM
This guy has some serious medication problem. What is it with you S.Korean "artists"? you people obviously have no good looking girls there.........otherwise why would you make prostitute models and fantasize over them. You really have no idea about art......trust me!
Re: Hyungkun Choi
By Kersin on Jun 09, 2006 05:14 PM
Her hands take out all of her sensuality. You should have payied more attention to her vagina as well.
Re: Hyungkun Choi
By on Dec 12, 2005 12:44 AM
first i just wanto say it is great, I only have one objection, the brests are not done corectly. the right one would be higher and pulled up because of her raised arm.
Re: Hyungkun Choi
By Jay on Sep 06, 2005 04:10 AM
this is aawsome! i love the interplay of life and tehhnology.....i've got 2 other pics similar to this piece...if u want too see it u can eigther go to Dirtywett.com and look for "THE AWAKENING" and also do a search for Marc McKennas' "image_2" two great pieces that will remind you of this one....to look at them all in contrast really makes you think.....anyone who checks these out plz give me a jingle and let me know what ya thought. :-)
Re: Hyungkun Choi
By Tribble on Aug 05, 2005 12:58 AM
Very mystical....beautifully done.....just wish individuals would comment appropriately
Re: Hyungkun Choi
By on Jul 22, 2005 06:10 PM
Re: Hyungkun Choi
By sinhealer on Jun 18, 2005 07:53 AM
Great pictures...amazing...
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