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Name Byung-Hee Choe
Age N/A
Born Korea, South
Email elfstone72@freechal.com
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Re: Byung-Hee Choe
By Über Mongo on Jul 02, 2006 07:51 PM
i love her gun :P but i agree with the others, give her at least a bra or something... some metal armor would be the best or some leather jacket
Re: Byung-Hee Choe
By A True Friend on Jun 29, 2006 10:35 AM
Hey Mr. Bungee Cho, why dont you just make a pornstar...........that would earn you a lot of praise. Are there no women where you come from? Or maybe you wish you were one! All I'm telling you is.........."Please, dont substitute pornstars for art!" Do you even know the meaning of ART? What do you call it in Korea?? BullCrap??!
Re: Byung-Hee Choe
By Mello on Jun 09, 2006 04:59 PM
If you showed her tits when she is front side, why not showed her ass when she is back side? I don't understand why people are so selfish sometimes. You know she completely naked inside your brain and aren't able to share this magnificent beauty with us?
Re: Byung-Hee Choe
By AngrySnake on Mar 29, 2006 11:08 PM
The work is good, but...could you use a more suitable background? I mean, I think the main idea of these (altuogh beautiful) constructions, is missing. Besides the beauty, and the mastering of a technique, where is the Big Picture?
Re: Byung-Hee Choe
By imperfectlight on Mar 09, 2006 04:25 PM
i personally see the female human form as earthly perfection, and this artist does that ideal wonderfully
Re: Byung-Hee Choe
By dnha on Mar 03, 2006 05:04 AM
Re: Byung-Hee Choe
By daniel on Feb 01, 2006 05:06 PM
skinny tall
Re: Byung-Hee Choe
By britt on Jan 26, 2006 07:12 AM
In reply to meh's comment:
all NATURALLY large boobs are not saggy. Look at Tyra Banks. All natural. I agree with Shelley. keep it up.
Re: Byung-Hee Choe
By Anowyn on Jan 05, 2006 04:37 AM
I believe that a full set of armor includes a breastplate! :P I like the first one a lot though.
Re: Byung-Hee Choe
By Ace Jones on Nov 08, 2005 05:55 AM
If you ask me, these two works of art are a challenge; a test to see if people, namely men, can draw their eyes away from the breasts and actually look at all the astounding detail presented. If you do not like looking at breasts in 3D art, do not look at it, it's as simple as that. It is not "inappropriate". It's not as if they have it on display at an elementary school. This is a website, where people choose to put their artwork up for display and critisism, just as the viewers choose to come to this website. The artists obviously likes that style, you should respect his/her (sorry, I can't tell) freedom of speech and art. To put it more bluntly for those who may not understand all of the aforementioned: If you don't like nudity, fuck off and don't look at it. ^_^

On a more positive note, your work is spectacular Choe. I am especially partial to 'Warrior'. Like 'meh' said (although he/she certainly could have put it in less-flaming wording) the breats do appear a little disproportianate in 'Musketeer'. The lighting is marvelous in 'Musketeer', very soft and beautiful; and I only wish that you had added colour to 'Warrior', although it certainly looks stunning as is. I'll be keeping an eye on you.

~Ace J. Jones
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