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Name Jacques Defontaine
Age N/A
Born Belgium
Email Jackhimself@hotmail.com
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Re: Jacques Defontaine
By on Oct 30, 2005 07:11 PM
zaaalig werk gwoon, ni te doen, eigelijk ook een beetje scary neen??
Re: Jacques Defontaine
By SANDY on Oct 12, 2005 08:56 PM
Re: Jacques Defontaine
By ale on Aug 15, 2005 03:27 AM
excellent work, the atmosphere you created is so chilly and desolated
Re: Jacques Defontaine
By Sukotsu on Jul 28, 2005 10:29 PM
seriously I was shocked by the quality of this work... I agree to an extent a subway model can be simple but to create the feel and detail this one has is not... excellent work!

and to all the 'know it alls' who think they are better... to me being an 'expert' as you seem to think you are to me means showing encouragement to others and reading some of the comments posted here sickened me... need to grow up and stop thinking you are so superior!
Re: Jacques Defontaine
By on Jul 22, 2005 06:11 PM
Re: Jacques Defontaine
By n00b on Jul 16, 2005 11:25 PM
Dear javier atunez and eye of the bholder,

You two are completely retarded. the detail that has been worked into this picture is far beyond most of the pictures i've seen on this whole site. Not all pictures need to be out of the box, it just matters on the quality of the picture itself. Congrats Jacques, this is amazing!
Re: Jacques Defontaine
By Gumwars on Jun 25, 2005 01:20 AM
If anyone here believes that dragons, spaceships, and scantily clad women born from lustful imagination are harder to create than reality they obviously haven't tried to steal a snapshot from the world around them and re-create it on paper or let alone in a synthetic medium. There are countless attributes that need to be accounted for in rendering. This is a wonderful work and should be recognized for it. Bravo. I for one admire those who find equal challenge in the beauty of the world around them, not just the fantasy realms (even though it is a beautiful place to visit too).
Re: Jacques Defontaine
By on May 04, 2005 10:07 AM
to Javier Antunez and Eye of the Beholder:

You're both correct in your approaches. Both are artist definitions - the one Javier is the exquisite artist that does exhibitions and the workmanship artist are those by the Beholder. The 2 are not to be confused.

Think about the Matrix, Star Wars, but also other productions like Pearl Harbor or Kingdom of Heaven (where extensive special effects are applied for reality reproduction and not fantasy reproduction) - yes even the scenes where you bloody hell wouldn't even expect or let stand notice any blue screen and editing was ever used.

I've seen many 3D stuff here and I presume most were done by one person each time. Forget about that in major productions. There's simply not enough time for it so for each small aspect people or separate teams are engaged: textures, animation, rendering, editing, etc ... not to forget the food catering :) and if there's enough time people who can create metro scenes like the above sure hell are viable in the commercial industry. It's a matter of enjoying your work and being more than only good at it. The above 3D is functional and not necessary meant to be artisis or original. That was not the purpose of this artist. He wants to master reality and so he may then choose to use that reality in what he wants to express and if not apply it just for the purpose to be very usefull in a creative advertising team/company.

The one's that design the spaceships, monsters, buildings, villages, anything are not necessary those who create them in 3D (digital or real) when we're in the production houses - there's no time for it - like the artist who created Alien was already well known long before Alien and was approached because of his qualities as an artist in the imaginative world. People have been engaged to create the costumes and all that made the Alien in the first episode. The last episode was most 3D I think (right?).

Re: Jacques Defontaine
By Javier Antunez on Apr 15, 2005 02:52 AM
Yes i understand where you are coming from but from a profesional point of view bad mouthing each other will lead to nothing, considering that i apologize Twiggy, but I understand why you would say that because not everyone is born with talent and imagination, yes you are right but i guess what i ment to say was creativity is a disired aspect in an artist no matter how new to the field you may be, because I believe that no matter how many crewative things are out thier, your main goal as an artist is to find the ground braking point of witch YOU will be the leader for all younger artist crawling your way. And dont worrry because i for one, do know what Iam talking about, i have had too many years of school and too many years of expierence for some one to tell me otherwise,

but all critisism aside from one another you are correct but to an extent, Creativity is what makes a SUCCESFUL artist
Re: Jacques Defontaine
By Javier Antunez on Apr 10, 2005 04:49 PM
yes it is good, but this isnt talent, this is just a fabrication of a subway that already exist, to me TALENT is whats in the head before you study rendering, the talent that comes when you are born, that extreme way of viewing things, TALENT is something you are born with, ANYONE can make a subway, all ya have to do is go to a good computer school and boom thiewr ya go ya have a subway, But what comes from the mind, IMAGINATION is where talent truely comes from not from a couple hundred bux and a teacher

basicly what im tryin to say is FUCK OFF Twiggy and all you bitches that cant see true talent, and only see what a college can teach
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