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Name John Girouard
Age N/A
Born USA
Email jgiro@lvcm.com
Homepage N/A

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Re: John Girouard
By Tek on Jan 27, 2005 05:13 AM
Lakeside is awesome, the building structures behind it reminds me a lot of Myst and Riven. Great job.
Re: John Girouard
By on Jan 20, 2005 09:37 PM
Re: John Girouard
By evo on Jan 01, 2005 02:57 AM
sweet by the lakeside,beautiful bravo!
Re: John Girouard
By Deathstar2006 on Oct 20, 2004 03:40 PM
Lakeside is awesome. Love the way you defined the skin. Great hair. Whats with the guy in quietude looks like he's wearing girl clothes other than that totally awesome.
Re: John Girouard
By Eye of the Beholder on Oct 14, 2004 02:51 PM
The way you did the skin was amazing. Of the two pics, Quietude was definitely the best. Amazing work. But the guy in the back..... He looks very odd. He is wearing women's clothes? No offense, but that's what it looks like. Anyway, the hair was most superbly done. It makes the pic.
Re: John Girouard
By Dustin on Sep 05, 2004 10:14 PM
Very mysterious. Makes the mind wonder. I can feel the emotion. This is what arts about.
Re: John Girouard
By on Aug 18, 2004 09:13 AM
Re: John Girouard
By on Jul 28, 2004 09:31 PM
Re: John Girouard
By jordan blake on Jul 15, 2004 08:28 AM
nice work, pity about the cowards bagging you and not having the balls to say their name
Re: John Girouard
By on Jul 02, 2004 01:53 PM
The lakeside picture is very nice. I like the atmosphere.
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