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Name David Coen
Age N/A
Born Canada
Email coen_d@arch.su.edu.au
Homepage www.arch.su.edu.au/~coen_d

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Re: David Coen
By hunglikeafruitbat on Dec 18, 2004 11:22 PM
Let these people tell you that it's crap, let them call you a typical male, whatever.... you're doing fine, and keep the art coming
Re: David Coen
By Nicole on Nov 08, 2004 12:16 AM
This is just something a guy would clearly do, sad sad sad sad sad sad sad. Get a girlfriend.
Re: David Coen
By FRANK on Oct 27, 2004 10:56 PM
Re: David Coen
By blitzkreig on Oct 21, 2004 09:51 PM
Re: David Coen
By on Sep 30, 2004 08:38 PM
This is an unholy mess!!! If you have modeled this yourself, then at least give it a texture that lets us see what the hell it is.
Re: David Coen
By on Aug 18, 2004 08:58 AM
Re: David Coen
By on Jul 28, 2004 09:40 PM
Re: David Coen
By mike on Jul 15, 2004 09:54 PM
the head is to big.but she has nice tits. pickup.. human antomy made easy by christopher hart .to help with the human form...but your art i still like pam's breast
Re: David Coen
By kiter on Mar 30, 2004 05:58 PM
Nice work...the definition in the hair is approaching great. Does that poor woman not have any muscle definition? She needs to work out just a little. Keep up the good work.
Re: David Coen
By SisterWitch on Mar 17, 2004 07:55 PM
too much lighting takes away from the overall pic should tone it down just a bit.
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