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Amaan Akram - www.warpedspace.org

Amaan Akram was born in 1976 in Pakistan, and has been involved with CG in one way or another since 1991. He graduated with a B.S. degree in computer science in 1999. Other than CG, he is in to rock music and photography. He is skilled in the areas of digital lighting and 3D modeling.



Mihai Anghelescu - www.xmg.ro/mihai

Born in Romania, Mihai Anghelescu has done a lot of 2D graphics for newspapers advertising before moving on 3D graphics. He started to love 3D CG about 5 years ago when he discovered 3ds max. Peter Syomka is one of the great artist who opened his eyes on 3d modeling. Today, he works as a freelance artist and at the same time at Antena 1, one of the best television company in Romania.


Alessandro Baldasseroni - www.eklettica.com

Alessandro Baldasseroni was born in 1973 in Milan, Italy.After a computer science diploma in 1989 he started working in charge of Cad operator in a wiring company. During those years he started learning the basis of 3d graphics by autodidact. The results were encouraging , so he decided to make a living from his passion for cg field tryng to apply to some cg related companies. He was hired by Milestone , a leading italian videogame company in 2001 in charge of modeler/texture artist.



Timur Baysal aka "Taron" - www.taron.de



Stephane Belin - www.stephanebelin.com



Neil Blevins - www.neilblevins.com

Neil Blevins was born in 76 in Montreal, Canada. After years of science and computer studies, he decided to drop it all and persue his artistic leanings, which until then was just a hobby. He graduated with a BFA in Design Art, and currently works for Blur Studio in Venice CA doing effects for films, commercials and videogames.



Pascal Blanché - www.3dluvr.com/pascalb



Marco Carminati - www.karmyz.it


Lei Chen - www.chl77.com

Lei Chen was born in China, 1977. He earned a BA of environment design and a MA of Industrial design. He has been an interior designer, industrial designer and 3D programs tutor in university before 2004. He is now working as a professional of concept design and animation for video games/advertisements in Beijing, China. He specializes in NURBS products modeling as well as character animation.


Krishnamurti Costa - www.antropus.com

Krishnamurti M. Costa was born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. He is 32 yuears old and has been working as a freelancer in Computer graphics for about 10 years. Fine Arts student (fifth year) in the University of Brasília - Brazil. Now he is working on his own short movie called "Senzaazione." He is leaving his country to work as character animator in United States, in a featured animation movie for about one year.



Hubert J Daniel

Hubert J Daniel was born in 1980 in Poland. He's a second-year student of English language at the University of Warsaw. He started doing 3D about 4 years ago; all his skills are self-taught. Right now, he's concentrating solely on character animation and story telling - probably, that's what he'll be doing in the future.



Jeremy Engleman - art.net/~jeremy



Victor Garrido - www.anibyte.com



Willi Hammes - www.3dluvr.com/willi

Willi Hammes was born in 1979 in Wuppertal, Germany. Currently he lives in the UK. He went to a normal school, later he also visited a secondary school for electrical engineering and one for classic art & design beside that he learned 3d on his own during his spare time since he was 12 years old. He started working in a very small design studio back in 1997, a year later he got a job as an 3d Artist at a local company which where doing events and small media productions. In the middle of 2000 he got an job offer from Das Werk to work at their location in Frankfurt as an 3D Artist doing mostly commercials and advertising. He quited the job there in April 2001 and moved over to England to work at Eurocom Ltd. doing 3D for games. During his work he did a lot of commercial spots as well as some music videos, the last project he did at Das Werk was a redesign for a big German TV channel called ZDF, he made the CG for the intro of there news show which is onair three times a day. He's currently working on a Play Station 2 game together with Victor Garrido and his talented team at Eurocom Ltd. In the near future he plans to move on to work in the USA.



Asier Hernaez Laviña


Peter Hofmann - www.pexel.de

Peter Hofmann was born in 1982 in Germany, near Munich. He's currently studying interior design at HfT Stuttgart. He started doing 3D in 2001 and is at this time Cinema4D moderator at www.c4dforum.de . Member of Pixelspell animation studio in 2002, temporary worker for Siemens CT MS. His hobbies are making drawings, painting and playing the violin (Chamber Orchestra Weilheim since 1997).



Hyung Jun Kim - www.kjun.org


Raphael Lacoste - 3dluvr.com/elrafo

Raphael Lacoste was born in Paris in 1974. After a few years working as photographer and composer for a theatre company, he went to the animation school of the National centre of the comic strip in Angoulême, France, to learn Softimage. He did there his first short movie “Nîumb” which was screened at Siggaph, Imagina and anima-mundi 2000. He worked then for Kalisto Entertainment as senior Background Artist. In 2002 he was contacted by Ubisoft to work as Art Director on “Prince of Persia The Sands Of Time”. Now after the release of this Awarded Game, he is working as Art Director in the Cinematic Department of Ubisoft Montreal.



Daryl Mandryk - members.shaw.ca/dmandryk

Daryl Mandryk was Born 1975 in Edmonton, Canada. He got into CG about 5 years ago, just as a hobby. It quickly grew into a full time passion, and now it pays his bills. He's worked professionally for a little over two years, mostly on TV projects, while doing freelance contract work on the side for companies such as Electronic Arts. He would love to get into art direction, either in film or video games.


Xavier Marquis - www.xavier-marquis.com

Xavier Marquis was born in 1974 in Angers, France. He was student in highschool of History. After a first period as lead artist in the web design industry, Xavier changed of profile to work for the video game industry. Currently he continue to work for the video game industry as concept/marketing artist. He lives with his wife (Elodie) and his son (Owen).



Dawid Michalczyk - users.cybercity.dk/~bcc5877

Dawid Michalczyk is 28 years old and works as an artist. He was born and raised in Poland, lived in Denmark for several years and now he lives in USA. He's currently working at Legend Entertainment on a PC 3D action game Unreal 2. The previous major project he has been working on was a computer adventure game: The Longest Journey. He's mostly using 3D Studio MAX, Photoshop and Bryce.



Giovanni F Nakpil - www.3dluvr.com/gio/


Allessandro Nardini - www.alexnardini.com

Alessandro Nardini was born in 1976 in Italy. His carrier in CGI field started just from the last years of Geometrician School when he worked as freelance 3D Artist. After his study was completed, he moved in Genova city to work in the Videogame field as Visual FX Supervisor realizing a lot of Cinematics. After two years spent in the VideoGame industry he jumped in thVisual Fx industry for Cinema and Commercial for the most important VFX facilities in italy. He worked also for "Effetti Digitali Italiani" ( www.effettidigitali.it ) the Italian rappresentative of BUF COMPAGNIE ( www.buf.fr ). Actually Alessandro is the Lead 3D Artist for the best Firm in Italy in Postproduction and VFX field, Frame by Frame Italy S.r.l. www.frame.it




Eni Oken - www.oken3d.com



Istvan Pely - www.movkup.com

Istvan Pely was born in 1974 in the US. He got into 3D CG while in college, where he was introduced to 3D Studio R2. Sacrificing his grades he developed a Mac/PC adventure game in Director called Majestic, and managed to get it published before (barely) graduating. Since then he's developed two more games independently ( Syn-Factor and Zero Critical ), but eventually deciding to focus solely on 3D art. His recent project is Movkup, an avenue for exploring fantastical mechanical/industrial design.




Igor Posavec - www.3d-io.com



Steven Hagg Stahlberg - www.optidigit.com/stevens

Steven Hagg Stahlberg is 41, born in Australia but grown up in Sweden, father of 2. He studied traditional art for 3 years. After school He worked for 9 years as a freelancing illustrator in Hong Kong, these last 5 or 6 years in computer graphics. The last 3 years he's worked for Digital Anvil. He's also the daddy of Webbie, the first virtual supermodel, launched back in -99 by the Elite agency.



Peter Syomka



Jonas Thornqvist - www.subdivme.com

Jonas Thornqvist was born in 1979 in Sweden and has been learning 3D since 1995. He got a great passion for all sort of art and loves everything involving 3D, from modeling to animation. Right now he is working as visual supervisor on a animated feautre film in Milan, Italy.


Arild Wiro - www.secondreality.ch

Born in 1978, half Indonesian - half Norwegian, Arild Wiro started with 3D as a hobby around 1997. After living in Switzerland for 10 years in his own CG bubble, learning what he could on his own he finally broke out and moved to the UK to join Warthog PLC. At work he mainly models ingame characters but in his spare time he also loves to model, light and render still images.



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